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We at darzLab provide computer programming, tinkering and related services through Dar Scott's sole-proprietorship Dar Scott Consulting. Projects are led by Dar or performed by Dar.


Here at darzLab we have programming resources for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and several microcontroller systems. We program in many programming languages, most recently in C, CircuitPython, LiveCode and Kotlin. Tools apply to a variety of disciplines from machine learning to audio processing to mathematics.

Software tools for hardware design include those applicable to system design, circuit capture, simulation, circuit board layout, panel design, assembly and prototype fabrication (3D printing and Laser milling).

In addition, the lab includes the tools and component stock to facilitate tinkering in electronics, microcontroller development, power, sensors, actuators and controls including Adafruit Feather, Qwiic & Stemma QT (I2C), and Raspberry Pi. The physical measurement lab supports assessment of a variety of physical properties. The audio lab includes tools for general audio assessment, extremely-low-noise electrical measurements, and I2S testing. These tools multiply our creativity.

Dar's Background

Dar is a senior computer programmer with education in in mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, computer science, and linguistics. He has experience in electronics engineering, software development and project management. He is brought into teams both for big-picture work and for small sub-system development.


We do coding, designing, tinkering, imagining...


This site has some old libraries and educational materials that still might be useful for LiveCode programmers. These will likely find a home elsewhere sometime soon.

Dar Scott Consulting

The name darzLab represents an expanse in focus at Dar Scott Consulting to include project services as well as hourly services. It is more of a "rebranding" than a new division. Hourly services are still available, though; overall, most customers should see no changes. See invoices for any changes in payment methods.

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