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Erik Dahl
Comatonse (vinyl) [ELECTRONIC] [BEATS]

Generated entirely from computer code, the songs on this 12" stray a bit from expectation. The first cut, "fugue.2", is a series of heinous and piercing drones. The second piece, "les ondes mathématiques", has bit more of that musique concrete feel. It's pretty captivating--the pacing reminds me a bit of the Residents' Eskimo pieces: blurps, blurbles, sounds stopping and starting, speeding up, winding down. It has that sawtooth synthdrone vibe. The final cut, "stochastic etude.1", sounds like percolating silicon(e)--where the breast implants meet the computer chip. Algorithmically complex and captivating. --S.A.

(first appeared in Reign of Toads #4)

Comatonse, Peter Stuyvesant Post Office, Box 761, New York NY 10009 USA

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Deeper than Space
Spaceship Melody Remix
Silent (vinyl) [BEATS] [ELECTRONIC]

Over a year and half ago, Silent released a CD by Deeper than Space called Earthrise. It was mostly ambient sound collages with whale sounds and water sounds and stuff, but it had one track that made it all worthwhile and this was it: a 20+ minute melodic spacedub jam. I used to close my DJ sets in Taos with this song every time I played. Now if a remix EP like this one is done well, listening to six versions of the same song is an exciting and varied experience--the fact that all the versions stem from the same source provides a great thematic thread. Most often, good remixes barely sound like the original, but rather germinate and grow based upon their aural ancestor. This is that kind of collection--like FSOL's Lifeforms EP, which is often more enjoyable to listen to than the full-length LP. Every mix has its peculiar attractors, from the Heavenly Music Corpora ton's undulating "Tantra Mix", to the jazzy trance of the "Deeper Than Love Sentient Mix" to the kick-your-butt dub of the Dreams Without Numbers remix. --S.A.

(first appeared in Reign of Toads #4)

Silent, 101 Townsend St, Ste 306, San Francisco CA 94107 USA

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The Drum Club
Drums Are Dangerous

It is, of course, dance music, and it is, of course, repetitive and infused with that sex energy pulse thang that keeps the young kids up all night twitching. Spectrum analysis reveals strong evolutionary roots in the LI acid/house scene, though Club members have climbed many trees since then, and sonorous electronic drones seem just as significant as the beat-the beat-the beat. "Space Angel Station"--all 10:12 clockticks' worth--is by far the most awesomest track, with the cherubim sigh of ecstasy sailing in high over the incessant throbbing we all like so much. --K.S.

(first appeared in Reign of Toads #4)

Instinct, 26 West 17th St, Ste 502, New York NY 72170 USA;

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I Ruined America
September Gürls (vinyl) [DRONE ROCK] [POP STRUCTURE]

As ambient as rock gets, this fucked-up import LP from the ex-Mike Gunn bassist/producer soars into balls-out riffs of earnest, unpretentious, goddamn joyful guitar dynamics, then freefalls into droning, layered soup with almost-but-not-quite inaudible monologues percolating up through the mist. So very cool. Often Surfer-esque, but more precise and self-deprecating. (A CD with this LP plus Dunlavy's second effort, The Spinning Dog, also exists.) P.S. I did the sleeve. --K.S.

(first appeared in Reign of Toads #4)

September Gürls, Michael Demmler, Sigmundstr 92 90431, Nurnberg Germany

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