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Experimental Audio Research (EAR)
Sympathy for the Record Industry (CD) [ELECTRONIC] [AMBIENT]

You can tell instantly that this is a Sonic Boom project. Those acid-candy melodies that repeat and repeat and repeat with any compositional turn showering cascades of phased blippety-blips onto unwary bystanders are a dead giveaway. The sleeve describes EAR as comprised of Sonic plus collaborators Eddie Prevost (AMM), Kevin Martin (God) and Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), but according to my sources only Mr. Boom is responsible for this record. Real world implementation: Slowing the (purportedly rare) LP version waaaay down and mixing in a samba beat and a cycling loop of bird squawks proved very popular at a recent neighborhood "holographic installation". --K.S.

(first appeared in Reign of Toads #4)

Sympathy for the Record Industry, USA

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