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Do you have a question about style, grammar, or mechanics? Find the answer in the Good Grammar, Good Style Archive — more than 100 pages of useful articles and frequently asked questions!

You'll find answers to hundreds of questions, from how to make acronyms plural (is it PC's or PCs?) to how to get rid of acronyms completely.

Other topics include subjunctives, the serial comma, subject-verb agreement, the who-whom distinction, when it is all right to be passive, forming possessives from names like Jones, and understanding the differences between British and American English.

Peruse the menus or search the archive with your key words. If you cannot find the answer in the archive, please explore our lists of books and links to the best online writing and editing resources.

Miss Grammar says, Find your answer in the archive!

Do you have a question about the meaning or use of a word? Please use one of these excellent resources:

  • Dictionary.com will search for your word in its dictionary, thesaurus, and usage manual.
  • The Wordsmyth Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus (WEDT) “is the premier online American English dictionary with an integrated thesaurus. WEDT contains 50,000 headwords, and very precisely defined and hyperlinked synonyms. And the search engine allows for very flexible searching.”
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