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Sexual Abuse and Assault Services

A project of the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, Inc.

3909 Juan Tabo NE, Suite 6, Albuquerque NM 87111 USA
phone: 505/883-8020    fax: 505/883-7530

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About The New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (NMCSAP)

History and Purpose

In 1978, the State of New Mexico legislature created the Sexual Crimes Prosecution and Treatment Act. This act mandates that the state provide services to professionals (medical, mental health, law enforcement, social services) which will assist them to offer appropriate services to victims of sexual abuse. This law outlines the necessity to provide ongoing training on a variety of sexual abuse topics. It also mandates the provision of sexual abuse evidence collection in order to offer victims the best possible prosecution of their cases. Additionally, the act provides for payment of all victims medical exams following an assault or the discovery of abuse.

The New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, a private, non-profit organization, was created and continues to exist to fulfill the requirements of this statute.

In addition, the Coalition provides child sexual abuse prevention projects in rural New Mexico as well as a Clearinghouse of literature and resources to assist professionals in our state in the assessment, prosecution and treatment of sexual abuse and assault cases.

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