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Here be the skeletal beginnings of a new addition to this venerable website. In late 1999 I had excellent intentions of putting up a huge new chunk of information by the end of the year and dubbing it "toad five" (previous print issues are numbered 1-4) but incessant interruptions due to my growing consulting biz (also named "Reign of Toads") have made that basically impossible. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Happily, the amorphous web, unlike a static printed volume, is very amenable to works in progress. I mean, is there a website in the universe that is truly "finished"? That is the nature of the web: the ink never dries, no edit is final. So in this vaguely futuristic spirit, I present some of the work that is currently progressing. Parts of it are even "finished". Mmmm hmmm, look at that shine!

When "toad five" is finally largely present and accounted for, I intend to convert the HTML into DTP tagging and produce a nice little printed volume. I've even mocked up some pages. They look nice. You'll like it. Shall we say sometime in 2000? OK, we shall. For now here's some of the content and placeholders for content yet to come. Comments other than "Hurry up and finish, you lazy bum!" are quite welcome.

--Kyle Silfer 1 January 2000

thus far all we have for you is ...

a compendium of information on sharing data

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