Historical Data for S&P 500 Stocks

Please note: The Trademan technical analysis software is no longer actively supported, and will no longer be offered for sale.

This site offers a year of historical data for the S&P 500 stocks. You can use these data to experiment with technical analysis.

The full data set, which contains stock histories for an entire year, is available in both historical data format and in a daily update format.

   Historical:        Daily Update: 

Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly update data sets are also available in both formats.  Visitors can conserve bandwidth by downloading updates on a regular basis rather than downloading the full data set repeatedly. 

Choose an update size and format:         Historical:        Daily Update: 

Historical Data Format

A file in Historical Data Format contains one record per line of text corresponding to the data for a single date. The record is arranged into fields representing respectively the Date, Ticker, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume for the day. The fields are delimited by commas, and the records are delimited by <cr><lf>.  The text files may be loaded directly into Excel and similar spreadsheet programs.

Daily Update Data

The data are also available as daily update sets.  These data sets consist of files which are archived together, one for each day.  The individual files contain a record for each stock, organized as Ticker, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, delimited by commas.  The file name itself carries the date.


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