News and Alerts

Alert (27 Jan 2007): Yahoo has somehow modified its historical data function so that the date format changes randomly between two formats from one server request to the next. The Trademan filter expects the dd-mmm-yy (07-Jan-07, for instance) format. This will mess up your Trademan databases. To fix the problem, I have written a new efilters.exe external filter and modified the filters.txt file to call it. Please download these two files to your Trademan installation folder by clicking on these two links. The new Trademan distribution includes these files, so downloading and installing Trademan will give you the correct functionality.

Alert (29 Aug 2007): Yahoo has changed the URL of its quote server from to To fix the source URL for Trademan so that your portfolio update will correctly,

  1. Bring up Trademan and select the Portfolio|Portfolio Update menu item.
  2. Find the Source URL box and type "download." in front of "". That's "download" followed by a period.
  3. Get online and then click the Update button. This will retrieve quotes for the current portfolio and update your Trademan URL source file.

Yahoo quotes retrieval -- that is, Portfolio Update and Download Latest -- should return to working correctly at this point.