All that stuff I was worrying about six months ago, it really doesn't matter anymore ..  - Louis Rossmann

Can't go back in time .. just got to do what you can to make the future a little better.  - Louis Rossmann

Cognitive psychology: this is the idea that our visible behavior is less important than the thought processes that drive it   - Regular Car Reviews, Honda Beat

- 4/3/20

I miss a lot of friends, actually .. too many to name here. But it is quite a list, quite a roll call in my head.

- 4/3/20

Until a vaccine is found, lockdown and shelter-in-place is the only way to contain the virus. Social distancing is imperfect and prone to error and exposure -- reduced exposure, but still exposure, with numbers going up.

New York projections are for a peak in the next 20 days, with hospitals overwhelmed. Former FDA head Scott Gottlieb expects "shocking" scenes in New York as coronavirus spreads

Even once/if the spread is curtailed, if people start going out and acting like business-as-usual, the numbers will start going up again.

Pandemic projections:

Terrifying Covid-19 Projections | US System Will Be Overrun
Why we're not overreacting to the coronavirus, in one chart

- 3/25/20

Handshakes are becoming a thing of the past, we won't be doing all the casual things we're used to doing, we're still not going to be leaving our house or going near people .. it's like an apocalypse of sorts is upon us, life is now some post-disaster wasteland. Things have changed. We're in a different reality.

This is one time people need to adapt and be obedient; people who flagrantly disregard instructions and frolick fast-and-loose outside are walking into a pandemic.

Until a vaccine is found, which could be a year away, life is permanently changed .. and could lead to much of civilization grinding to a halt, as we stop driving, stop commuting, stop going to stores .. as we stop mingling.

I went through 9-11, so I'm used to the idea of a dramatic paradigm shift .. seeing people saying they can't wrap their heads around their life changing, they've just never been through anything like this. Although of course, there are elements to this that are totally new .. the idea of staying in place, being afraid of the virus out there, for possibly months and months .. the new normal.

You can spot the people who can't wrap their heads around it .. they can't get used to the idea being reality.

We are living in a Fallout Shelter game, where instead of radiation it's a virus. We are living in a post-apocalyptic setting.


I really miss getting a cheeseburger. Like, going and getting a cheeseburger from McDonalds. I literally have not been out of the house for 6 days, sheltering in place. It's not like I went to McD's often, but I am really missing those simple things that were really luxuries. A cheeseburger, a slice of pizza, some chocolate. I have been eating less to conserve my resources (and my resources didn't include amenities like pizza and chocolate) .. I don't think it's going to last more than one month.

This pandemic has taught me, among other things, to go get the things you need, do the things you need to do, *now* .. don't put it off or deprive yourself of what you need, because the future might not have those things so readily available. Life and existence is always NOW; the future is only what we visualize. It's a vaporware reality. The future we see for ourselves, especially involving other people in our lives, won't wait for us, it won't become reality unless we make it happen. We can't just sit around visualizing the future.

- 3/24/20


I miss little San Francisco moments: going to North Beach Pizza, getting pad thai on Clement St., getting chow fun at a little hole-in-the-wall takeout place in the Tenderloin.

Going to see movies at the Coronet or the AMC Van Ness. Being a master at parallel parking. Waiting for the bus. Losing myself on Geary St.

Getting on the Muni and seeing a girl look at you like you were The One .. you never know who's going to find you attractive in a big-city environment.

- 3/25/20


Star Trek Picard is a dumpster fire.


SF moments:

Juli Banfe telling me about interviewing Stephen Hawking while at SGI .. and how excruciating it was having to be so enormously patient to wait for his answers ..

Running into Lorraine at Cherry Blossom Festival while I was with Evan, and her teeth & mouth was dry (sign of nervousness)

Having my dj mix played on the roof of the Winamp building (Nullsoft party) by Ian (webmaster for the Beastie Boys)


Seeing fictional accounts of disasters helps me to cope.

Yahoo Movies embedded my youtube track for The Empire Strikes Back in their article about Meco and Star Wars:

I used to think that Enterprise really bit, but it has grown on me. My main draws to the show were Archer and Sato, but T'Pol, Trip and Malcolm have grown on me. And I always liked Phlox .. doctors are consistently cool characters in Star Trek. The EMH Doctor in Voyager was great.

Enterprise as a rule has kind of a dull feel to it, but there are exceptions in episodes, and it has the Berman/Braga sensibility which makes it feel like Trek.


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