Yankee III Book

Three years in the making, and now in a second edition, this book gives a short history of the celebrated J Boat Yankee, the 1935 36-inch long free-sailing model based on her, and an easy to build and sail radio control version. The modern model is made from structural foam covered with fiberglass, and was designed with the beginning builder in mind. 130 pages authored by Earl Boebert and illustrated with drawings by M de Lesseps. Available in electronic form only. CD with PDF files is $15.00 postpaid in the US, $25.00 postpaid elsewhere in the world. Download version, 150 MB in ZIP format, is $10.00. More details

A review by Graham Bantock can be found here.

"Building Planked Models"
DVD & Book & Articles

Master builder Al Hubbard gave a workshop on plank on steamed frame construction at the Woods Hole Model Boat Show in 1997, and we got it on videotape. In addition, there is a special section by master builder Pete Peterson on "spiling," the art of cutting rather than bending planks to shape. 90 minute DVD (region-free, NTSC). More about the video
This is combined with a CD containing a book that describes plank on sawn frame building and a selection of articles from "The Model Yacht" which give even more information and advice, all in PDF format. More about the book

DVD and CD combo pack $25.00 postpaid in the US, $35.00 postpaid elsewhere in the world.


We have over 300 plans in one form or another in our inventory. All of these are plans for boats that were designed to sail in the model classes (e.g., "M," "A," "X," etc.).

36" LOA:

  • sharpie Starlet ($6.50),
  • 20-rater, J boat (lines only, one sheet $30),
  • Osprey by Boucher (4 sheets, $40),
  • Yankee Jr. (lines only, one sheet, $30).
M Class:
  • Helen J by Richardson, (one sheet, $30)
  • Tefo IV by Tex Foster (one sheet, $30)
  • Rip Tide by Ted Houk (one sheet, $35, 400 DPI TIF by email, free)
More plans

Back Issues

Two times a year we put out a newsletter for our members. The newsletter has been very well received, and has gotten favorable mention in places like WoodenBoat Magazine. Each issue we bring the membership up to date on what's new, give early announcements of upcoming events, and tell the members what happened at the latest regatta or show. We also make it a practice to reprint a construction or technical article from the past in each issue. Each issue averages around 24 pages of material.

As of December 2012 there are 46 issues, with new issues published around May and December of each year. We now offer them only as a complete set and only in electronic form. A DVD with all issues up to the current one in PDF format is $40.00 postpaid in the US, $50.00 postpaid elsewhere in the world.

"How to Build a Model Yacht"

2006 Reprint of the rare 1902 book by Herbert Fisher, with a new introduction and commentary by Russell Potts.

The Rudder magazine offered a series of books on topics of interest to the yachting community, covering things like design, construction, upkeep and racing rules. In 1902 they published a thin, large-format book by Herbert Fisher called "How to Build a Model Yacht".

Russell Potts, and his Curved Air press, has done us the favor of reprinting this work in a more convenient size, and adding an introduction and commentary which is almost double the size of the original text. Read our book review for more.

See the review for details on ordering direct from Curved Air Press in the UK.

How to Order

Please send check or Money order in US funds to:
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You may also send money via Paypal to boebert@swcp.com.