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Vaulting is the sport of gymnastics on horseback. It was started in early Rome as a method of teaching horesmanship to the military. It then branched off into many forms still seem today. Some of these are bull vaulting, gymnastics vaulting, and horse vaulting. The sport is very large in Europe, but is still small in the US.

The Acorn Vaulters have been a member of the American Vaulting Association since 1992 and are coached by Susan Caskey. The team is working hard to expand vaulting to the East Mountian area outside of Albuquerque, NM, but at this time is fairly small.

Images from Regionals 2000 (Taken by vaulter mom, Mary Black)New Class information and schedules.
Notes from the FEI seminar on the new horse rule (Sept 14-15, 1996)

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If you would like more information you can email Susan Caskey, the AVA office
or see the official AVA web page Halloween 2003