Journal of the Allegheny Regional Ancestors

Index of Articles, Volume 1

Allegheny Regional Ancestors, Volume 1, 1992, Index of Articles
Alphabetical Index by: Article. (Volume, Issue, Page)

ARFHS: Allegheny Regional Family History Society Formed, newsnote. (1, 1&2, 3a)

ARFHS: Allegheny Regional Family History Society Establishes Its Own library, newsnote. (1, 3, 23b)

ARFHS: ARFHS Library Continues to Grow, newsnote. (1, 4, 43c) [See (2, 3, 13) for listing

ARFHS: ARFHS Surname Index. (1, 1&2, 12)

ARFHS: ARFHS Surname Index, continued from Issue 1&2. (1, 3, 38)

Augusta Co: An Early Tithable List (Augusta County in 1777), submitted by William H. Rice. Covers much of what is now Pendleton County, West Virginia. (1, 4, 50)

Augusta Co: Legislative Petition of Inhabitants of Tigers Valley, 1780, Augusta County. Note: There were no other legislative petitions from the residents of this part of Augusta County . The next list of residents are tax lists taken of the new counties of Harrison and Randolph. (1, 1&2, 10)

Barbour Co: Barbour County is Target County for First Cemetery Publication of ARFHS newsnote. (1, 4, 44c)

Belington Public Library Joins American Genealogical Lending Library, newsnote. This small library has an excellent genealogy collection. (1, 1&2, 4b)

Booth Library at D & E College in Elkins, WV Dedicated, newsnote. Many of their resources are of a genealogical or historical interest. (1, 4, 44d)

Cemetery: Cemetery Inscription Collection, Blank Form, for Photocopying. (1, 1&2, 16)

Cemetery: Early Cemeteries often Randolph County Region, by William H. Rice. A history of early burial practices and cemetery development in the region. (1, 3, 30)

Creative Class Assignment to Preserve Local History of Dry Fork Region, newsnote. (1, 1&2, 5c.)

Daniels: Jacob Daniel's Bible, submitted by Lucille McGee. (1, 4, 56)

Effort to Purchase and Preserve Site of the Battle of Rich Mountain, newsnote. (1, 1&2, 5b)

Elkins Public Library Further Expands Its Already Excellent Genealogical Collection, newsnote. (1, 1&2, 4c)

Guidelines for Writers for Publication in Allegheny Regional Ancestors. (1, 1&2, 14b)

Harman Public Library Continues to Expand Genealogical Section, newsnote. (1, 4, 45a)

Importance of Helping Fund Family Research, ie., More Can Be Accomplished Through A Group Effort Than Individually!, an Editorial. (1, 4, 42b)

Indexes of Important Regional Histories Prepared by Mrs. Owen Crickard. newsnote. Three indexes are for McWhorter's Border Settlers, The George McLean Diary, and Morton's History of Pendleton County. (1, 1&2, 3c)

Lundsford, Mrs. Ralph (Ollie), Passes Away in Cortland, Ohio, newsnote. (1, 3,24e)

Marriages Performed by the Reverend Simeon Harris, a listing. (1, 3, 33)

Montrose: History Of The Montrose Community, by Daisy Ferguson Martin published, newsnote. (1, 3, 23c)

Phares: Bible of Abel and Elizabeth Wilson Phares, submitted by Luanna M. Moore. (1, 4, 57)

Queries for Issue 1&2. (1, 1&2, 18)

Queries for Issue 3. (1, 3, 39)

Queries for Issue 4. (1, 4, 58)

Randolph Co: Randolph County Chancery Records, abstracted by David Armstrong. Includes Rowan vs. Hughes, See Admin. vs. See widow. Morrison vs. Hinkle, Skidmore vs. Wees. and Horn vs. Mathews. (1, 4, 46)

Sayre: Sayre Family Genealogy, by Ralph Sayre To Begin Final Editing in 1993, newsnote. Book deals with family history of David Sayre (1736-1826) who moved from New Jersey to (West) Virginia about 1778. (1, 4, 45b)

Summerfield: Early notes on the Summerfield Family: Pre 1780, by David Armstrong. Based on research completed as of August 1992. (1, 3, 25)

Taylor Co: Taylor County History Published by the Taylor County Historical and Genealogical Society, newsnote. It is based on material published in the Grafton Sentinal in the 1930's. (1,4, 45c)

Understanding Medical Terms, by Vera Lewis. This articles defines some of the early medical terminology the family historian or genealogist will run across in early records. (1, 1&2, 6)

William H. Rice, Historian, to Catalog Randolph County, W~ Records, newsnote. The forward looking Randolph County Commission hired Mr. Rice to catalog and organize the county's records dating before the Civil War. (1, 1&2, 3b)

Wilmoth: Arch Wilmoth Journal, taken from the original at Elkins Library. (1, 4, 52)

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