Journal of the Allegheny Regional Ancestors

Index of Articles, Volume 2

Allegheny Regional Ancestors, Volume 2, 1993, Index of Articles
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This volume has one issue numbered differently. What should be Vol. 2, Issue 4, Winter 1993, was inadvertently left unnumbered. Thus, this particular issue will be listed as: (UnNum, Page)

ARFHS: ARFHS Surname index. (2,1,18)

ARFHS: ARFHS Surname Index, continued in Issue 2. (2, 2. 43)

ARFHS: ARFHS Surname Index, continued in Issue 3. (2, 3, 24)

ARFHS: ARFHS Surname Index, continued in issue (UnNum). (UnNum, 24)

ARFHS: ARFHS to Publish Five Generation Pedigree Chart Book, newsnote. (2, 1, 3b)

ARFHS: ARFHS Publishes Member Submitted Five Generation Pedigree Charts, newsnote. The book Rives information on area families over a 400 plus year period, ...." (2, 3, 2b)

ARFHS: Books and Items in ARFHS Library as of April 20, 1993. (2, 3, 13)

ARFHS: Jim Collins, ARFHS Benefactor Made Life Member, newsnote. (2, 3, 2a)

ARFHS: Major Contributions to ARFHS Library by HCPD, newsnote. (2, 2, 25b)

ARFHS: Recent Additions to ARFHS Library, newsnote. (2, 1, 3c)

Appalachian Black History, Green and Baxter Families. (2, 2, 32)

Augusta Co.: Augusta County, VA Tithables for 1777, transcribed by Jeff Car. This part of Augusta County included present day Pendleton and Highland Counties. (UnNum, 9)

Augusta Co.: Petition, 1776, (Inhabitants of Tigers Valley), submitted by Constance Metheny. This was found, misfiled, in a box of Legislative Petitions in the Archives at the VA State Library in Richmond. It is the oldest known extant petition from Tygart Valley. (UnNum, 11)

Beckwith: Sweden to New York - Anna Carlson Beckwith by David Armstrong. (2, 2, 35)

Cemetery: Hinkle Cemetery, Important Elkins Landmark, by David Armstrong. A short history of the cemetery land and a list of burials compiled from various sources. (2, 3, 5)

Cemetery: Phares-Pritt Cemetery. Valley Bend, West Virginia, compiled by Richard L. Phares. Sr. (UnNum. 4)

Cemetery: Reading of Baker Cemetery, (Located East of Beverly, by Jacob Jay Jackson and Nancy Jackson, submitted by Nancy Jackson. (2, 3, 20)

Chrislip: Jacob Christlieb/Chrislip, An Early German-Jewish Settler Barbour County, WV, by Marjorie Heater Herring. The author covers some European as well as American history. (2, 2, 33)

Conrad: Jacob Conrad Bible. This article is an abstract from the Bible of this Swiss Imigrant to Pendleton county. (2, 2, 37)

Currence: A History of the Henry Currence Farmhouse, by William H. Rice. (UnNum, 18)

Currence: Revolutionary War Record of William Currence Jr., (of Tygart Valley) (UnNum, 17)

Currence: The "Currence Fort" At Mill Creek: Proof That It Never Existed by David Armstrong. The value of using available documentation to refute mistaken conclusions of the past) (2, 1, 9)

Davis: ",'Kate" Davis Family Prominent in Frederick, Maryland, by David Armstrong. (2, 3, 21)

Delaware Indian Census, abstracted by David Armstrong. (2, 2, 38)

Earle: Archibald Earle Will, Randolph County Chancery File 4-309, submitted by William H. Rice. Note: This will is not in the regular will book. (2, 3, 18)

Fleischer: The German Origins of the Fleischer Family- The German Evidence, by David Armstrong. Article based on research completed as of 31 October 1993. (UnNum, 12)

Fortney: Fortney Family History Publication by the Fortney Genealogy Family Inc Announced, newsnote. (2, 2, 26d)

Fretwell: Marshall J. Fretwell, by William H. Rice. (2, 1, 15)

Genealogical Sources List, compiled by David Armstrong. Sources usable for obtaining family history or genealogy are listed. (2, 1, 13)

Genealogy Versus Family History, from the Editor. (2, 1, 2)

Hampshire Co: Hampshire County Early Records, A Sampling, abstracted by David Armstrong. (2,1, 5)

Hardy Co: Old North Mill Creek Lutheran Church Records, (Hardy County), submitted by Jan Coontz. A listing of some birth and death records. (2, 3, 15)

Harrison Co: Bill of Complaint-Bush vs. Smith, Harrison County Chancery File, November-1819, submitted by David Armstrong. (2, 3, 11)

Imaginary Family History, from the Editor. (2, 2, 24)

Jefferson Co.: History of Jefferson County, WV being compiled in Database on CD-ROM, newsnote. (2, 3, 4a)

Lanham: Bible of Jeremiah Lanham, Jr., submitted by Janice Coontz. (2, 1, 8b)

Lunsford: Ollie Collett Lunsford's Extensive Genealogical Collection Donated to the Randolph County Historical Society, newsnote. (UnNum, 3b)

McLean: George McLean, by William H. Rice. Mr. Rice presents a short biography. (2, 3, 16)

Pendleton Co: Pendleton Co., WV Court Order, Bk.#3, P. 286, 17941800, submitted by David Armstrong and Jeff Carr. (UnNum, 3c)

Pendleton Co: Pendleton County Land Maps Available From County Surveyor, newsnote. This includes an early land grant map and a number of others for purchase. (2, 1, 4c)

Post: Valentine Post of Hardy County and His Descendants by Doris Poinsett Still Available. newsnote. (2, 2, 26b)

Prisoners Sent to Columbus, taken from the Wheeling Intelligencer, May 2, 1862. (UnNum, 16)

Queries for Issue 1. (2, 1, 16)

Queries for Issue 2. (2, 2, 40)

Queries for Issue 3, (2, 3, 22)

queries for Issue (UnNum) (UnNum, 21)

Randolph Co: Elkins, West Virginia: The Metropolis Revisited, by Rob Whetsell Underway, newsnote. This is a new pictorial history of Elkins. (2, 3, 4b)

Randolph Co: Randolph County Tax Lists of 1802 and 1803 Now Published and Available. This is a great substitute for the missing 1800 Federal Census. (UnNum, 20a)

Randolph Co: Scott Mansion, One of Elkins Proudest Landmarks, by David Armstrong. (UnNum, 19)

Simmons: Simmons Family Being Researched in Germany, newsnote. (2, 2, 25d)

Stalnaker: Stalnaker Family History Now Available From Martin L. Yokum, newsnote. (UnNum. 3a)

Teter: Teter Descendants of Hans Jorg and Maria Dieter, by Eva A. Wingfield Published. newsnote. (2. 1, 4e)

Tetrick: W. Guy Tetrick Papers Available at Colson Hall Archives of WVU in Morgantown. (UnNum, 20b)

The One Eyed Tavern, by David Armstrong. Determining the location, in Elkins, of this well known, but now disappeared, landmark from the pre-Davis era. (UnNum, 7)

Uchic: The Uchic Family, by Gregory W. Hott. This article discusses both the Polish and American history of the Uchic (anglicized version of Jorczak) family. (2, 2, 27)

Upshur Co: Upshur County Death Records, 1853-1928, by Charles and Judith Hawkins Published and Now Available. newsnote. (2, 3, 3b)

Van Schaick Descendants of Cornelius Aertsen Van Schaick, 1636-1993, Vol. m, Available Soon, newsnote. The Vanscoy descendants of the Allegheny region may want to look into this publication. (2, 3, 3d)

Webster Co: Annotated Census of Webster County Covering 1860 & 1870 Being Prepared by Karon King, newsnote. This work should help to span the 27 years of missing records in Webster County due to fire. (2, 3, 3c)

Wilmoth: The Old Wilmoth Bible, submitted by Albert Summerfield. The information was copied 24 January 1985 by Albert J. Summerfield, great-grandson of Nicholas Wilmoth. (UnNum. 15)

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