Journal of the Allegheny Regional Ancestors

Index of Articles, Volume 3

Allegheny Regional Ancestors, Volume 3, 1994, Index of Articles
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A List of Early Land Patents and Grants, From: The Virginia Magazine of History and-Biography, Vol. 5, #2, Oct. 1897. (3, 4, 96)

and then "on to Kaintuck'..., by David G. Moore. The author examines the 1776 Petition presented in (2, NoNum., 11) in light of who went on to what is now Kentucky. (3, 1, 19)

ARFHS: ARFHS Surname Index. (3, 1, 29)

ARFHS: ARFHS Surname Index, Continued in Issue 2. (3, 2, 60)

ARFHS: ARFHS Surname Index, Continued in Issue 3. (3, 3, 89)

ARFHS: ARFHS Surname Index, Continued in Issue 4. (3, 4, 119)

Armstrong: Records of Bible of Berthena (Channel) Armstrong, Bible In Possession of Mrs. John McElee of Elkins. (3, 3, 64)

Bennett: Jacob Bennett Bible, 180&1882, Randolph (Barbour Co.), WV, submitted by Ed Bennett. 3, 1, 13)

Bogard: Bogard of Holland, New York, West Virginia, (family tree chart), by David Armstrong. (3, 1, 24)

Bruce: George Bruce Family Bible, (in possession of Edna Channel, Mill Creek, WV). The major surnames are Armstrong, Bruce, and Nazelrod. (3, 4, 114)

Cemetery: Barbour County Cemeteries, Vol. 1, Published by ARFHS and Now Available, newsnote. (3. 3. 61a)

Cemetery: Burials in Primitive Baptist Cemetery, (Arnold Hill Road near Elkins Airport), compiled by William H. Rice, 6 August 1993. (3, 1, 16)

Cemetery: Elliott Cemetery at Meadowville, Barbour Co., WV, by John L. McCollam. A small cemetery established by the family of William and Samuel Elliott. (3, 4, 107)

Cemetery: Long Run Cemetery, Randolph County, readings by Billie (Adkins) Drost and Karon (Lemley) King on April 29, 1992. (3, 2, 31)

Cemetery: Randolph County Cemeteries, Volume 1. an ARFHS publication to be ready by January 1995. (3,4, 115b)

Cemetery: Richard Hill Cemetery- Lobelia - Pocahontas Co., WV, readings. (3, 4, 108)

Common Mistakes and Problems Encountered by Genealogists, from talk given by William H. Rice. Randolph County area journalist and historian, expanded newsnote. (3, 3, 61c)

Conrad: Conrad, by Mary E. Skelton. (3, 2, 55)

Early Virginia Census Records Available From Mrs. Madeline Crickard, newsnote. (3, 2, 33c)

Genealogists Are Paper Collectors, submitted by Maxine Santmyer. Article on preserving our documents and other important papers. Taken from The Nutmegger. (3, 4. 92)

Hampshire Co.: Hampshire County Materials, New Publications by Vicki Bidinger, newsnote. (3, 3, 63b)

Harrison Co.: Hampshire County Chancery File 12/19, Brake vs. Jackson, submitted by David Armstrong. (3, 1, 10)

Henkel: Henkel Genealogy Bulletin, Back issues Available, newsnote. (3, 1, 2c)

Hornbeck: Short Sketch of the Hornbeck Family in New York And Virginia by Nellie Hornbeck Gaetner, Mrs. H. J.) 927, submitted by Jennie Hott & Richard Phares. 3, 2, 48)

Lambert: Glendi Lambert Family Bible, (Pendleton County). Surnames included are Lambert, Turner, and VanPelt. (3, 2, 56)

Lanham: The Lanham Family Circle, by Charles B. Lanham (3, 1, 15)

Mallow: Coming To America in Colonial Days, 1607-1776, (Life and Times of Michael Mallow), by Stephanie Dawn Lewis, a sixth grader at Elkins Middle School. (3, 2, 52)

Martin: Henry Martin (Sr.) Family Sheet, prepared by Paula Underwood Spencer. (3, 4, 94)

McLean: The Diary of George McLean, Published by AFRHS and Now Available, newsnote. (3, 2, 32)

Medals For Civil War Union Veterans, application form available, newsnote. (3, 4, 95d)

Obituaries: Notes from Obituaries in The Christian Advocate (Western Edition) Later - The Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio. (3,4, 101)

Pendleton Co.: Pendleton County Court During the Civil War, by Nedra Dickman Brill. Items taken from the county court record book. (3, 2, 54)

Pendleton Co.: Pendleton County Free Negro Register, abstracted by David Armstrong. "Prior to the Emancipation of the Slaves in America, Free Blacks in Virginia (West Virginia) were required to register with the local court, and to obtain permission to remain in their county." (3, l, 22)

Pendleton Co.: Pendleton County Muster Rolls for the War of 1812, submitted and transcribed by Jeff Carr. (3, 2, 42)

Phares: Bible of William Corley and Lucy Ellen Phares, submitted by Luanna M. Moore. (3, l, l4)

Phares: The Phares Family in America, Ancestral Families of Robert Phares (1762-1823). by Ken Rowan and Dick Phares. (3, 3, 77)

Princess 'Di' has mountaineer roots, from The Times Record, Spencer, WV. August l6, l984. (3, 4, l06)

Problems With German Ancestor? Palatine German Searches Available, by David Armstrong. (3, 2, 34a)

Queries for Issue l. (3, l. 26)

Queries for Issue 2. (3, 2, 58)

Queries for Issue 3. (3, 3, 87)

Queries for Issue 4. (3, 4, 116)

Randolph Co.: Randolph County Chancery Records, Installment 2, abstracted by David Armstrong. (3, 4, 112)

Randolph Co.: Randolph County Court Overseers of Poor Book, 1864-1872. (3, 3, 79)

Randolph Co.: Randolph County Legislative Petitions, submitted by Jeff Carr. (Surnames Nevill, Rooney, Monks, Trent, Gibbony). (3, 1, 21)

Rockbridge Co.: In and Around Rockbridge, Newsletter Published by Rockbridge Area Genealogical Society, newsnote. Contains "tips, news, queries, etc" relating to Rockbridge Co. area. (3, 3, 63c)

Roy: Isaac W. Roy and Laura V. Hanger Roy Family Bible (3, 1,12)

Scott: Crawford Scott, by Mr. Thompson, published in Randolph Enterprise. August 24, 1933. (3, 2, 50)

Scott: Letter From Aunt Ann Scott, June 19, 1890. (3, 4, 93b)

Scott: The Ancestry and Descendant of Benjamin Thixton Scott, by William H. Rice is now available. Anyone related to the Scott family in the Allegheny Region will be interested in this definitive work. (3, 1, 2d)

Simmons: Nicholas Simmons, (family tree chart), compiled by David Armstrong (3, 2, 41)

Simmons: The Simmons Quagmire of Pendleton County, by Jeff Carr. This article corrects previously printed mistakes and presents new and/or corrected information. (3, 2, 35)

Skidmore: Eleanor, The Wife of Thomas Skidmore and the "First Lady of Elkins, A Cautionary Tale, by Warren Skidmore. Well foot-noted with sources and explanations. (3, 3, 65)

Skidmore: John Skidmore, by Warren Skidmore. A remarkable mechanical genius. (3, 1. 3)

Skidmore: The Scudamores of Upton Scudamore, author Warren Skidmore, book review by David Armstrong. (3, 4, 105)

Sprigg: Sprigg Family Origin Sought, researcher David Armstrong. Seeking information about Thomas Sprigg I of England and Maryland. (3, 3, 86)

Stookey: The Return of Jacob Stookey, Hardy County Superior Court Record, 1797-1800, submitted by David Armstrong. (3, 3, 81)

Tenny: Information Needed on TENNY Family of Upshur, Randolph, Nicholas, and Braxton Counties for a book being published by Patty Lou Webb Eubanks. (3, 3, 76b)

The Eight Edicts of Genealogical Etiquette, from the Editor. (3, 1, 1)

The Fort Upper Tract(West) Virginia Massacre, April 27, 1758, by Bill M. Woods. (Condensed from DAR Magazine, May 1972), submitted by Madeline Crickard. (3, 3, 70)

The Lost Colony of the Forks of Cheat, by William H. Rice. The author did extensive research in the preparation of this article and presents evidence of settlement and occupation in the Parsons, WV area by the mid 1750's (3, 1, 4)

The Society of Descendants of the West Virginia Pioneer, Inc., newsnote. (3, 4, 95c)

Upshur Co.: Upshur County Materials Available from Raymond Wolfe, newsnote. (3, 2, 33d)

Virginia Archives Should Be Stopped, an editorial. (3, 4, 91)

West Virginians in Maryland Church Record, From: Church Record of the Evangelical Reformed Church in Frederick, Maryland, Vol. I, 1746-1833, copied by William J. Hinke, 1941. (3, 2, 57)

West: The Life and Travel of Harriett Cline West, reprint of the 1910 publication available from David L. Boggs, newsnote (3, 3. 62b)

Williams: Williams/Tenny/Kittle/Stalnaker/Hart. (family tree chart), compiled by David Armstrong. (3, 1, 25)

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