The Moore's of Barbour County, West Virginia

By Jeff Harris. P.O. Box 160, Kerens. WV 26276

The earliest records of Moore's in the Randolph/Barbour Co area of (West) Virginia looked at by this author would center on those of James and William Moore. There were also a Thomas and both a Robert Sr. and Jr. in southern Randolph Co. until about the early 1800's. In Pocahontas Co. lived a Moses Moore.

My theory as it now stands is this. William and James came here with the Barker families who settled in the Barbour Co. area and the Hamilton's who lived in the Calf/Cow Pasture river area and the Shenandoah river area. The William Hamilton family came to the southern Randolph Co. area in the late 1760's or early 1770's. The Indians of this area not being happy about their land being taken and having just been defeated in the French and Indian War against England which we were still a commonwealth of, would still try to chase people off of their land. So instead of going full speed ahead with a war, they fought guerrilla style and hit fast and hard with terroristic tactics. In other words they massacred everyone in sight and the only ones to stand a chance of survival, and this wasn't much, was the women and older children. If they were not taken back and tortured to death they were used as slaves. For some reason I think that this may well have been my reaction to having my land taken. Within 15 to 20 aerial miles of my home they hit many of the forts in the area in 1781/2 and after that there was a mass migration out of the Tygart Valley. At that time it was still called the Monongahela River Valley by some. My belief is that William and James went further north with William Barker and others from his settlement to Monongahela Co. There is a note on page 162 of Westem Waters by Violet Coontz that Elias Barker was reputed to have gone to Fayette Co. PA. From Monongahela Co. Wm. Barker went to Ky. The James Moore and the William Hamilton family also went to Ky.. William Moore may have went there also or into Maryland and/or back to Augusta Co. In Chakley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish, I found a William Moore getting married in 1763 which would have been the right time for my mother's earliest recorded direct Moore ancestor, Daniel, to have been William's oldest son. Daniel as will be discussed later was probably born about 1763/4. 1 also find there that a William Moore had an infant son who was born just before William died in 1797. There was a James Moore living in Randolph Co. in the 1810 census that was 10 to 15 years old with a female of the same age and a child below the age of 10.(What appears to be the same James though is listed in the 1820 census as being over 45 years of age and in the 1830 Randolph Co. census as being between 60 and 70 years old. This would put his birth between 1760 & 1770 He is not listed in the 1840.) This may be William's youngest son. I have not yet obtained a copy of this William's will to see if this is correct. What I believe is that William's first wife may have been killed in the massacres, which prompted him to leave the area. He then possibly remarried and had another family. The James Moore that I believe may be William's youngest son also had a son William Moore. This James lived somewhere in the vicinity of George McLean as George mentioned in his diary that he had worked with James and it is recorded in the will books of Randolph Co. that George helped with the adoption and care of James' grandson Andrew D. Moore when Andrew's father William died young. At this time I have not determined whether the William Moore referred to by Chakley as a nephew of Moses Moore is the same as the earliest William in the Randolph Co area or not.

My reasoning for thinking that William Moore's wife may have been killed during the massacres is that I find no written record of Daniel Moore's mother nor his father. I have been in contact with Charles F. Moore, Sr. in Silver Springs, MD who is a descendent of Eli Moore and who does not show any parents listed on his marriage bond. Eli's guardian was Enoch Moore of Harrison Co. W\/ according to Charles' records for Eli's marriage. I am inclined to believe that Daniel and Eli may be brothers. Eli's death record says that he was born in Randolph Co. although Eli's son William did not know his grandparents names. If their mother died or was killed in the massacres, William would likely have sent the younger children to stay with family members. Eli was born about 1780 to 1785 (high probability of 1782 as his age was listed as 68 in the 1850 Barbour Co. census records) and appears to have migrated to Barbour Co. after 1840. So possibly Enoch may have been an older brother or maybe an uncle. But it seems more likely that he would be an older brother. Also in Mrs. Coonts' book there is a link established between the Hamilton's of southern Randolph Co. and a William Smith.(see page 255) Daniel Moore's property in Barbour Co. had a comer to this same William Smith.

Daniel Moore, lived many years and died in Randolph Co., WV in 1843; and widowed Deborah Poling Moore, daughter of Martin and Rachel Poling.

Daniel may have been born in what is now WV, VA, or possibly MD. It is this authors guess that it may have been the Randolph/Barbour County WV area. At this point I have no firm evidence to support this although the person that I believe to be his father may have been in this area around the time of Daniel's birth. Evidence suggest that there was a William Moore in this area at that general time frame. The date of his birth is not known at this time but some sources, chiefly the Poling family history book for this area, have it as 1774 but the 1810 census has him listed as being over the age of 45 which means that he would have been born before 1765. Since no record of marriage can be found by this author for Daniel and Deborah (Poling) Moore it is my assumption that they were married in Monongahela Co. (W)VA since the county clerks office along with all of the personal records burned in 1799. Daniel and Deborah may have married in PA though as there is evidence to suggest that William Moore may have moved his family there after the Indian massacre on Sugar Creek in 1781 or 1782. The first written account of Daniel on Moore's run in Barbour Co. (W)VA is on 27 Apr 1807 when Daniel purchased 200 acres of land from the Rev. Phineas Wells. This land was situated between Rev. Wells and Rev. Simeon Harris. It was also close to the land owned by William Smith and also lands owned by Thomas Phillips and sold to his four sons. The deed states it to be on Glady Creek and Dividing Run. Daniel and Deborah's list of children would suggest that Daniel's father's name would have been William and his mother's name to be Mary and that he had a brother Joseph. Their first child was named Martin which was Deborah's father's name and the next was William. The next was named for Daniel, Daniel Moore, Jr., and then Richard, and then Rachel which was Deborah's mother's name and then Mary which would indicate Daniel's mother's name. The rest of the children, including Richard, were named, it appears, for brothers and sisters of Daniel and Deborah.

Deborah may have been born in 1774 as stated in the Poling History Book, but she, as was her husband Daniel Moore were listed in the 1810 Randolph Co. WV census as being over the age of 45 which means that she would have been born before 1765. Daniel and Deborah (Poling) Moore had the following children according to Daniel's will as recorded in the Randolph Co. clerks office. The dates supplied have come from census records and other county records of Randolph and Barbour Counties.

  1. Martin Moore, b Abt 1787/1788
  2. William Moore, b Abt 1789, d 30 Oct. 1856; m Rachel Phillips
  3. Daniel Moore, b Abt 1791; d between 1850 & 1860, m Sarah Bums
  4. Richard Moore, b Abt 1792/1795; m Mary Agnes Phillips
  5. Rachel Moore, b Abt 1792/1795; m Benjamin Helms
  6. Mary Moore, b Abt 1792/1795; m Soloman Westfall
  7. Joseph Moore, b Abt 1795/1800; m Mary Cross
  8. Samuel Moore, b Abt 1801, d Abt 1847; m Elizabeth Right
  9. Deborah Moore, b Abt 1802/1810; d. bef. 1850, m Barton Cross
  10. Margaret Moore, b Abt 1802/1810

Little is known to this author about Martin Moore, born about 1787 or 1788. It appears that he married and had at least one son. This would have been the John Moore of Martin listed in the 1840 Randolph Co. census records. He may have also had sons David and Samuel as they are both listed in the 1840 census and are near to the locations of Martin and John of Martin.

William Moore, son of Daniel and Deborah (Poling) Moore, born Abt 1789, died Barbour Co., WV, 30 Oct. 1856; married Barbour Co., WV, 4 Dec. 1811, Rachel Phillips, daughter of Henry and Lydia (Harras) Phillips, died Barbour Co., WV, 16 Mar. 1826, buried Little Bethel Cemetery, Barbour Co., WV; married 2nd, Barbour Co., WV, 27 Jun. 1826, Catherine Burton, born Abt 1803, died Barbour Co., WV, 4 Jan. 1860, buried Barbour Co., WV. Some records have Catherine's last name spelled Button or Barton. William and Rachel (Phillips) Moore had the following children:

  1. John P. Moore, b Abt 1812, d Abt Aug. 1850; m Mary Susannah will
  2. Eli Moore, b 11 Nov. 1813, d 1 Oct. 1895; m Susan Phillips
  3. Elijah Moore, d Abt 1847; m Mary Keller
  4. Isaac Moore, b 5 Sep. 1816, d 17 Aug. 1867; m Berthiah Wells
  5. Levi Moore, b Abt 1822, d Aft 1880; m Barbara Harris
  6. Uraham Moore, b Abt 1823, d Abt 1826
  7. Mary Moore, b Abt 1826; m Stalnaker Phillips
William and Catherine (Burton) Moore had the following children:
  1. William B. Moore, b Abt 1827; m Sarena Channell
  2. Daniel C. Moore, b Abt 1828; m Martha Jane Phillips
  3. Elizabeth Moore, b Abt 1830; m Samuel Gainer
  4. Soloman W. Moore, b Abt 1832; m Clarissa H. Schoonover
  5. Jane Moore; m Zack Gainer
  6. Enos Moore, b Abt 1835; m Catherine "Katie" Yeager
  7. Deborah Moore, b Abt 1838
  8. Harrison Moore, b Abt 1840; m Ella "Ellie" Gainer
  9. Eliza J. Moore, b Abt 1847
Elijah Moore, son of William and Rachel (Phillips) Moore, born Barbour Co., WV, died Barbour Co., WV, Abt 1847, buried Barbour Co., WV; married Mary Keller, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Poling) Keller, born Barbour Co., WV, Abt 1821. After her first husband died Mary remarried her first cousin John Keller. John was born in Barbour Co. in 1836 the son of George and Mary (Bolyard) Keller Jr. Elijah and Mary (Keller) Moore had the following children:

  1. Collett Talbott Moore, b 2 Apr. 1844, d 2 Apr. 1923/1928; m Elizabeth B. Fink
  2. Daniel Keller Moore, b 4 Nov. 1845, d 2 Jun. 1925; m Jane C. Keller
Collett Talbott Moore, son of Elijah and Mary (Keller) Moore, born Barbour Co., WV, 2 Apr. 1844, died 2 Apr. 1923/1928; married Barbour Co., WV, 25 Aug. 1867, Elizabeth B. Fink, daughter of Elias and Mary Ann (Delauder) Fink, born Hardy Co., WV, 18 Apr. 1843, died Barbour Co., WV, 20 May 1887; married 2nd, Barbour Co., WV, 23 Aug. 1888, Mary M. Cross; married 3rd, Randolph Go., WV, 26 Sep. 1897, Mrs. Mary Reed, born Barbour Co., WV, Abt 1865. In Ray Moore's family bible the entry is not clear as to 1923 or 1928 being the year of death for C.T. Moore. This bible is in this authors possession at this time. (24 Nov 1994) The bible does not state place of death and this author has not been able to locate the record in the Barbour Co. Clerks records as I had expected to do. The bible also does not list marriage records for any of Collett's marriages. There is a good possibility that this was information was left out of the bible because it appears that his first child was on the way before he was married. Also the record was not easy to locate at the courthouse in Phillipi because it is listed as C. Fink and E. T. Moore. this may have been a slip up on the part of the clerk or for the reason stated above. My grandfather Ray Moore had always said and others in the family that Collett was married three times and all three wives were named Mary but I can find no form of proof to support this for Elizibeth Fink. Collett Talbott and Elizabeth B. (Fink) Moore had the following children:

  1. Savannah C. Moore, b 26 Jan. 1868 m. A. E. W. Ferguson
  2. Elijah Elias Moore, b 17 Jun. 1869, d 27 Feb. 1942; m Eva M. Sherman
  3. Florence Luella Moore, b 28 Dec. 1871, d 6 Aug. 1887
  4. Phillip F. Moore, b 20 Dec. 1874, d 11 Jan. 1964
  5. Hamilton Moore, b 2 Feb. 1876
  6. Arbella Francis "Fanny" Moore, b 26 Apr. 1878, d 21 Nov. 1961 m. Tucker
  7. Maly Ella Moore, b 14 Mar. 1881
  8. Edwin Moore, b 13 Oct. 1883, d 13 Oct. 1883
  9. Edward Moore, b 13 Oct. 1883, d 4 Feb. 1885
  10. Charlie Moore, b 14 Jun. 1887(This date may be 14 May 1887)
Collett Talbott and Mary M. (Cross) Moore had the following children:
  1. Hilda Moore, b 26 Jun. 1889
  2. B. Frank Moore, b 17 Dec. 1890
  3. Carrie Effie Moore, b 2 Dec. 1892
Elijah Elias Moore, son of Collett Talbott and Elizabeth B. (Fink) Moore, born Barbour Co., WV, 17 Jun. 1869, died Elkins, Randolph Co., WV, 27 Feb. 1942, buried Israel Cem., Kerens, Randolph Co., WV, Mar. 1942; married Barbour Co., WV, 8 May 1893, Eva M. Sherman, daughter of William Edgar and Catherine (Bolyard) Sherman, born Barbour Co., WV, 8 Apr. 1873, died Norfolk, Isle of Write, VA, 6 Apr. 1960, buried Israel Cem., Kerens, Randolph Co., WV, Apr. 1960. Elijah Elias and Eva M. (Sherman) Moore had the following children:
  1. Ada Moore, b 19 Mar. 1894, d 26 Sep. 1961; m Albert Delley Taylor
  2. Lee Moore, b 19 Mar. 1895, d 3 May 1984; m Sarah May Baker
  3. Earl Moore, b 17 Jul. 1897, d 4 Oct. 1981; m Ruth Magdalene Weese
  4. Ray Moore, b 23 Dec. 1899, d 10 May 1984; m Ida Myers
Ray Moore, son of Elijah Elias and Eva M. (Sherman) Moore, born Kerens, Randolph Co., WV, 23 Dec. 1899, died Elkins, Randolph Co., WV, 10 May 1984, buried Israel Cem., Kerens, Randolph Co., WV, 12 May 1984; married Cumberland, MD, 26 Sep. 1917, Ida Myers, born Kerens, Randolph Co., WV, 17 Oct. 1898, died Elkins, Randolph Co., WV, 23 Jan. 1970, buried Israel Cem., Kerens, Randolph Co., WV, Jan. 1970. Ida is the daughter of George W. and Prudence Virginia (Workman) Myers. Ray and Ida (Myers) Moore had the following children:
  1. Pauline Virginia Moore, b 31 Mar. 1919
  2. Kathleen Eva Moore, b 22 Mar. 1922, d 6 Sep. 1941; m Clarence Bonnett
  3. Mary Lee Moore, b 9 Feb. 1925; m Clyde Scott
  4. unnamed stillborn Moore
  5. Elmer Ralph "Buddy" Moore, b 27 Aug. 1930, d 10 Aug. 1940
  6. Elijah George Moore
  7. Ida Ruth Moore, b 26 Jan. 1936; m Carl Harris
  8. Ray Moore, b 5 Aug. 1938, d 6 Aug. 1938
Ida Ruth Moore, daughter of Ray and Ida (Myers) Moore, born Rosemont, Taylor Co., WV, 26 .Jan. 1936; married Kerens, Randolph Co., WV, 16 Jun. 1958, Carl Harris, born Richwood, Nicholas Co., WV, 13 Sep. 1925, died Kerens, Randolph Co., WV, 24 Sep. 1975, buried Israel Cem., Kerens, Randolph Co., WV, 26 Sep. 1975. Carl is the son of Burton Edward and Rebecca Ann (Bobblett) Harris. Carl and Ida Ruth (Moore) Harris had the following child, Jeffrey Carl Harris, b 30 Jan. 1961

Daniel Moore, Jr. born about 1791 and died between 1850 & 1860 and married Sarah Bums. Daniel and Sarah appear to have at least 5 children, 2 boys and 3 girls, according to the 1840 census records. One of these children was Deborah Moore who married James W. Ryan. Deborah was born 5 Jan. 1823 in Barbour (then Randolph) Co. was married 4 Nov. 1847 and died 25 Jan. 1897 both in Barbour Co. The other known descendent was Morgan Moore. He was born about 1828. Andrew Moore may be a descendant of Daniel and Sarah as he was living next to Daniel and Sarah in the 1850 Barbour Co census. He was listed as being 35 which would give an approximate birth year of 1815. Andrew it appears had an infant named Morgan also. One of Daniel and Sarah's daughters may have married an Auville as there were 2 Auville children residing with them in 1850.

Richard Moore, son of Daniel and Deborah (Poling) Moore, born Abt 1792/1795; married Randolph Co., WV, 13 Oct. 1814, Mary Agnes Phillips, daughter of Joseph Phillips. Richard and Mary Agnes/Agness were married by their dad's neighbor Simeon Harris who was a Primitive Baptist preacher and married many, many people in the local area. It appears from looking at the 1830 Randolph Co. census that Richard and Mary had at least 2 sons and 3 daughters.

Rachel Moore, daughter of Daniel and Deborah (Poling) Moore, born Abt 1792/1795; married Randolph Co., WV, 11 Sep. 1811, Benjamin Helms. Benjamin Helms served in the War of 1812 as Ensign in Capt. John Thomas' company, 2nd Regiment Kentucky Mounted Volunteer Militia beginning 18 Sept. 1812. Promoted to Lt. (date unknown). Appointed Adjutant 29 Sept. 1812. Service ended 30 Oct. 1812. Benjamin and Rachel were the great grandparents of Capt. Leonard M. Cowley, 158th Infantry Arizona National Guard. As of 4 Feb. 1926, Mr. Cowley was living at 805 North 7th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ. Benjamin and Rachel (Moore) Helms had at least one child: Nancy Jane Helms, b 9 Feb. 1822, d 1 May 1922 and married a Garloch

Mary Moore, daughter of Daniel and Deborah (Poling) Moore, born Abt 1792/1795; married Randolph Co., WV, 27 Jul. 1815, Soloman Westfall; married 2nd, Randolph Co., WV, 1 Feb. 1816, Joseph Cross. Both of Mary's marriages were performed by Simeon Harris. From looking at the 1830 Randolph Co. census records it appears that Mary and Joseph Cross had 6 sons and 2 daughters. As the records only list sex and age it is impossible from just looking at it whether Mary's first child actually belonged to Soloman.

Joseph Moore, son of Daniel and Deborah (Poling) Moore, born Abt 1795/1800; married Randolph Co., WV, 1 Mar. 1816, Mary Cross, daughter of John and Barbara Cross. From looking at the 1820 Randolph Co. census records Joseph and Mary may have had one son.

Samuel Moore, son of Daniel and Deborah (Poling) Moore, born Abt 1801, died Abt 1847; married Elizabeth Right, born 1799, died Barbour Co., WV, 1868. Samuel and Elizabeth (Right) Moore had the following children:

  1. William R. "Hiner" or "Kye" Moore, b 14 Feb. 1823, d 22 Feb. 1907; m Catherine Price
  2. Agnes Moore, b Abt 1827 ______ Kelley
  3. Deborah Moore, b Abt 1842; m Jasper Kelley
  4. Isaiah Moore, b 1842/1845; m Martha
  5. Daniel Moore
Deborah Moore, daughter of Daniel and Deborah (Poling) Moore, born Abt 1802/1810; died before 1850, married Randolph Co., W\/, 6 Apr. 1823, Barton Cross, son of John and Barbara Cross, born Abt 1801, died Barbour Co., WV, 21 Aug. 1882. Barton and Deborah (Moore) Cross had the following children:
  1. Sarah C. Cross, b Abt 1821
  2. Mary Cross, b Abt 1822
  3. Barbara Cross, b Abt 1823, d 20 Jul. 1888; m W. S. Moore
  4. Barton Cross, b Abt 1824; m Emily
  5. Rachel Cross, b Abt 1826 ______ Cross
  6. John Cross, b Abt 1829; m Nancy Ramsey
  7. Daniel Cross, b Abt 1831; m Catherine
  8. George Cross, b Abt 1833; m Elizabeth Digman
  9. Jackson Cross, b Abt 1835; m Mary E.
  10. Rev. Levi Cross, b Abt 1837, d 12 Dec. 1915; m Angeline Price
  11. Rev. William Cross, b Abt 1839, d 14 Nov. 1920; m Sarah Fink
  12. Simpson Cross, b Abt 1842; m Elvira Poling
  13. Christina Cross, b Abt 1843; m Joseph Fitzwater
  14. Charles Cross, b Abt 1846, d 6 Jun. 1927; m Nancy Moore
The astute reader will notice that 2 children were born before this marriage and it is not known to this author whether the first 3 children belong to Deborah or not.

Little is known about Margaret Moore, daughter of Daniel and Deborah (Poling) Moore born Abt 1802/1810.

This has been an over view of my line of the Moore's of Barbour Co. WV. I have not touched on the Eli Moore line of Barbour Co. This line contains probably as many people of Moore descent as my line but I am not as familiar with it as I am my own. I do have access to a great deal of information on both lines and would be very happy to correspond with anyone who has an interest in either line. I probably won't have all the answers but I certainly would be willing to help find what I can for you in my records.

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