Members Surname Register In This Issue

This issue contains a most valuable tool, prepared by Archivist Madeline Crickard. The members surname registry is a list of surnames being searched by ARFHS members followed by a number or numbers that refer to the list of members that accompanies the registry. Some in the past have looked at the small installations of the surname registry in other issues and thought it was an index. It is not. The numbers after the surnames are not page numbers, but rather member numbers in the address list. It is hoped that this valuable tool will further communications between members with similar interests.

Family History Share Day Slated by ARFHS

All members of ARFHS should try to come to Beverly, WV at 10:Q0 AM on April 8, 1995 when the society will hold a "Family History Share Day" at the Beverly Fire Hall. The meeting is expected to run through late afternoon, and presents a good opportunity for members to gather and share information on families of their interests. The ARFHS will move all of it's library materials to the fire hall for the event, a copier and computer will be available on site, drinks will be available, and members can bring placards to announce the families of their interest so that others may approach them and compare notes.- Other possibilities are being looked into, such as having the nearby LDS branch library open.

Pedigree Charts Being Accepted For Publication

ARFHS will soon publish Volume Two of the member submitted pedigree charts. Charts are now being accepted for that book. Some members submitted charts for Volume Two that did not get published. These members should re-submit their charts for Volume Two. Members submitting charts are asked that the charts be submitted "camera ready", which does not necessarily mean typed but the charts should be neat and legible, and in the same format. For example a partly typed chart with additions in handwriting will have to be re-typed and may not be ready in time for this volume. If handwritten, the charts should be all in the same hand, rather than partly printed with notes added later in cursive. All charts submitted should be vertical format, and not on legal size paper. Since this is a great opportunity for members' interests to be published and brought to the attention of others, members should be sure that their name and address is on each chart submitted.

Moore Family Research Project

If you have an interest in the Moore's of Old Augusta County Virginia then we would like to invite you to join with us in a nonprofit research project. A small group of us would like to take all of the references to Moore's in Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch Irish settlements and attribute each one to a specific Moore family group. It is believed by our small group that there are probably less than a dozen original Moore families to start with and that the rest of the references are to descendants of these original few. If you would like to join with us in this exciting project write to: David Moore 8138 west 850 south Knightstown, IN 46168

Henckel Genealogy Reprinted

All persons related to the Hinkle family of central West Virginia and related families will want to be notified that the Henckel Family Association has announced the reprinting of THE HENCKEL GENEALOGY. First printed in 1964, this 1447 page work covers the life of Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel and his descendants. Much data is given on related families and much can also be learned from this publication about the German ancestry of the family. The book is $65.00 postpaid and can be ordered from: J. Robert Moore, 649 Allegheny Ave., Staunton, VA, 24401-3133

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