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According to family Bible, Eunice Petty, wife of John Harness was born February 1737, so Elizabeth Petty's marriage to Gaisbert Bogard had to be after that, and since Cornelius apparently was entering property in Augusta County in 1761 he must have been born circa 1740, and probably 1743 given his apparent marriage date of 1769/70.

4 May 1761
"Nelius" Bogard enter 100 acres at Stony Lick, 6 miles above Lanciscus on the North Fork of Potomac (Augusta Co Entry Book 1 pg 46)

4 May 1761
Henry Lanciscus at Sugar Bottom 2 miles below Stony Lick on North Fork Potomac Henry Lanciscus 50 acres upper end land he lives on on South Branch (Augusta entry book 1 pg 46)

Cornelius Bogard shown as "no inhabitant" Augusta County (Augusta Co Order Bk 7 pg 401)

Cornelius Bogard surveyed 55 acres on South Branch of Potomac (Augusta Grants 1 pg 562, WV Auditors Office)

1770 (about)
Cornelius Bogard married Sarah ? probably in Hardy County ?

Cornelius Bogard patent 55 acres South Branch (Augusta Grants 1 pg 562, WV Auditor's Office)

17 Oct 1775
Muster Roll of Capt John Harness Company show Sylvester Ward, ensign, privates Cornelius Bogard, Leonard Bush, Conrad and John Carr, Benjamin Casey, Benjamin Hornbeck, John Hyer, Leonard Jobe (Shobe), James Shreve, Joseph Shreve, Adam Wease, Jacob Wise (History of Grant and Hardy County)

14 Feb 1776
Gaisbert Bogard of (now Hardy) County make will, name son Cornelius and Cornelius' son Gaisbert under ten years old, George See among executors

26 Sep 1776
Cornelius Bogard sign petition in Tygart Valley asking for 3 companys of Rangers to protect settlers from expected incursions by Indians

(Land Commission records in 1780 show that before 1778 Cornelius Bogard settled on the West Side of Tygart Valley River, about 3 miles north of Beverly. His neighbor to the north was James Cunningham who assigned his interest to Martin Shobe. Bogard's southern neighbor was Michael Isner, and across the River were the Petros and one right in the name of John Skidmore, who had assigned his interest to Heinrich Carlock who in turn assigned it to Daniel Westfall. Sometime prior to the land commission meeting in 1780, Bogard left his settlement and assigned the rights to it to Daniel Westfall. Meanwhile, Thomas Phillips had a settlement right on Files Creek, east of what would later become Beverly, WV. Phillips had assigned the right to John Yokum, and Yokum assigned it to Cornelius Bogard who moved there and eventually perfected title to the tract. See Land Commission Minutes published by Katherine Gentry Bushman in Augusta Historical Bulletin)

19 May 1778
Gaisbert Bogard, father of Cornelius, will probated

3 Nov 1780
Cornelius Bogard survey 380 acres as certified by land commission Augusta grants WV Auditor Office - see below 15 May 1784)

Tax list 5 white soles

Cornelius Bogard in Monongalia Co Tax List 1 tithable, 2 horses, 13 cattle

15 May 1784
Cornelius Bogart granted 380 acres in right of settlement certified by commissioners and surveyed 3 Nov 1780 adjoining William Cassety (Augusta Grants, Bk 1 pg 135 WV Auditors Office) (NOTE: This is on Files Creek east of Beverly, WV the third land grant up the creek)

Harrison County Tax List Cornelius Bogard enumerated by B. Wilson with 1 white taxable, 4 horses, 9 cattle

Harrison Co Tax List Cornelius Bogard enumerated by Benj. Wilson with 1 white taxable, 5 horses, 12 cattle

28 May 1787
First Court of Randolph County held at residence of Benjamin Wilson (Now Elkins Airport) Cornelius Bogard among justices, nominated coroner but Goff elected, Bogard appointed militia Lt., commissioner of taxable property, and appointed with Jacob Westfall to lay off grounds for courthouse on land of James Westfall (now Beverly, WV)

May 1787
Cornelius Bogard Lt. Col. (Randolph Co Order Bk 1 pg 2)

June - Aug 1787
Cornelius Bogard was commissioner who took Tax List A in Randolph Co, but does not himself appear in published copy of list.

24 Sep 1787
Cornelius Bogard deed to Daniel Richardson of Hardy County. Land Files Creek adjoining Bogard residence, adjoining former claim of William Cassity now John Wilson 166 acres (Randolph County Deed Book 1 pg 67)

19 Nov 1787
(in Gregg vs Bogard 1791) Cornelius Bogard of Randolph sign note to William Gregg of Rockingham for 75 pounds (Mon Co Court Recs Zinn pg 42) (NOTE: See below 20 May, 15 Sep, Oct 1791)

23 Nov 1787
(in Lewis vs Bogard 1797) Cornelius Bogard make title bond to Joseph Kinnan for 300 acres adjoining on the southeast side land Bogard lives on to make a clear title by Dec 1788 (Mon Co Court Records Zinn pg 122)

March 1788
Cornelius Bogard Commissioner who took tax list A Randolph County, he enumerated with no tithaboes or horses, 5 cattle.

1789 (6 May)
District Court for Randolph County Cornelius Bogard summoned to show why he should not be fined for not attending as grand juror 6 May. Executed by Jacob Westfall. Excused (Mon Co Court Recs Zinn V I pg 15)

8 Jan 1790
Col. Cornelius Bogard enter 120 acres adjoining Maj. John Wilson and Bogard corner upper end south side Wilson, s side Files Creek extend along Bogard old line now Jacob Stalnaker Jr. property - surveyed for Jacob Stalnaker (Randolph County entry book pg 43)

22 Feb 1790
Cornelius Bogard of Randolph County appoint John Petty of County, Pennsylvania to obtain my part of a tract of land in name of my mother Elizabeth Bogard, she received by will, Elizabeth now deceased in equal percentage to John, Joseph and Ebenezer Petty my half brothers and Ezekiel Bogard my brother (Randolph County power of attorney book 1)

22 Feb 1790
Ebenezer Petty of Bourbon Co, Va. (similar document names Pettys as brothers and Bogards half brothers) land in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. (NOTE: Could the fact that none of the Bogard girls are named as parties to any of these actions imply that it was only the Bogard boys, Cornelius and Ezekiel who were Elizabeth's sons? John Petty is shown in "Heads of Families" as of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania 1790)

16 Nov 1790
Cornelius Bogard enter 19 acres adjoining his 120 acre entry - surveyed for Jacob Stalnaker (Randolph County entry book pg 56)

19 Mar 1791
District Court for Randolph County Cornelius Bogard summoned to answer Joseph Kinnan in plea of debt for 100 pounds (Mon Co Court Recs Zinn V I pg 25) (See Below Jul. 1791)

20 May 1791
District Court for Randolph County, William Gregg vs Cornelius Bogard debt (Mon Co Court Recs Zinn pg 42) (NOTE: See above Nov 1787)

July 1791
Suit of Joseph Kinnan against Cornelius Bogard abates by death of plaintiff (Zinn Mon Co Court Recs pg 25)

15 Sep 1791
(In Gregg vs Bogard) appearance bond for Bogard signed by Charles Parsons as surety. To Cornelius Westfall, sheriff of RC (Mon Co Court Rec Zinn V I pg. 42)

Oct 1791
Court find for Gregg in Gregg vs Bogard (Mon Co Court Rec Zinn V I pg 42)

16 Mar 1792
District Court for Randolph County Jacob Lewis, admin. of Kinnan vs Cornelius Bogard in plea for debt 100 pounds (Mon Co Court Recs Zinn pg 122) (NOTE: see above Nov 1787, and below Apr. 1792, Aug 1792, May 1797)

25 Apr. 1792
In Lewis vs Bogard appearance bond for Bogard signed by sureties Cornelius Westfall, and Anthony Smith. (Mon Co Court Recs Zinn pg 123)

8 Aug 1792
In Lewis vs Bogard bail bond for Bogard signed by Sylvester Ward (Mon Co court recs. Zinn pg. 123)

28 Oct 1793
On motion of Cornelius Bogard for re-survey of a tract formerly patented to Joseph Kinnan lying on Files Creek adjoining Jacob Stalnaker and Daniel Richardson which land when surveyed is to issue in the name of Bogard being an older entry than the one for which the land was surveyed and patented to Kinnan. (Randolph Co Order Book 1 pg 170)

Cornelius Bogard patented 293 acres adjoining James Westfall (Randolph Co grants 1 pg 259)

Elizabeth, daughter of Cornelius Bogard, married Samuel Currence

26 May 1795
Cornelius Bogard sign bail for William Currence who had assaulted Robert Green. (Mon Co Court Records Zinn V I p 55)

26 Aug 1795
Cornelius Bogard and Robert Maxwell summoned to testify on behalf of William Currence in suit of Currence against James Stewart, Edward Jackson and John Hadded over a title bond for 310 acres (Mon Co Court Records Zinn Vol. I pg 103)

Cornelius Bogard and others patent 100,000 acres Middle Fork (Randolph County grants 1 pg 374)

Cornelius Bogard appointed Sheriff of Randolph County (Need exact dates)

13 Mar 1797
Obligatory Bond signed by Bogard and William Wamsley to Gibson for 200 pounds, witnessed by John Cutright and William Shaw (Mon Co Court Records Zinn Yol I pg 163)

Sep 1797
James Bruff vs Joseph Joseph - summons for Joseph marked "not taken, kept off by force and arms", signed Benjamin Thomas, deputy for Cornelius Bogard, sheriff (Mon Co Court Recs Zinn V I pg 140)

25 Apr. 1797
Cornelius Bogard deed to Thomas and Lewis Kinnan, 312 acres Files Creek adjoining Daniel Richardson

Cornelius Bogard and William Wamsley agents for Breckinridge, Welch, Bowyer, Paul, in taking up land in Randolph County (ref law suit in Chalkley, Augusta County Records, Polaroid vs Jackson)

June 1796
Cornelius Bogard's son Guysbert and Cornelius' negro Jacob added to Henry Mace's road crew (Randolph County Order Book 1 page 263)

May 1797
Suit of Lewis vs Bogard dismissed, defendant paying costs (Mon Co Court Recs Zinn pg 123)

Dec 1797
Cornelius Bogard refuses serving as Sheriff any longer (Randolph Co Order Book 1 pg 311) (John Wilson succeeded Bogardin 1798)

May 1798
Cornelius Bogard resign as Justice of peace (Randolph Co Order Bk 1 pg. 325)

6 June 1798
George See and Gazenah to Cornelius Bogard, land granted to See 1783 and another tract in all 383 acres for 150 pounds (Randolph County Deed Book 1 pg. 588) (NOTE: This See was exec of Gaisbert Bogard will in 1776)

22 Oct 1798
District Court for Randolph County Robert Young vs William Wamsley and Cornelius Bogard (Young sue for use of James Barry of Baltimore in pleas of $400,000) (Mon Co Court Recs Vol. II Zinn pg 180) (NOTE: See below Mar 1799 and May 1801)

Dec 1798
Cornelius Bogard and George Harness enter 250 acres on East side Shavers Mt., Bogard assign his interest to John Wilson, entry withdrawn (Randolph Co entry Book 174) (NOTE: RC Survey Rec 1/260 surveyed on Glady Fork 1802 for Wilson and Harness)

1799 (about)
Cornelius Bogard Jr., son of Cornelius marry Deborah _____________.

13 Jan 1799
Cornelius and Sarah Bogard of Randolph County convey to Jacob Harper 402 acres east of Tygart Valley River, 383 acres from See and 19 acres formerly patent to Peter Cassity (Randolph County Deed Bk 2 pg 29) (NOTE: This land was at present day East Dailey; Randolph County)

March 1799
In Young vs Wamsley/Bogard, notice to all Randolph County officers that Bogard had escaped from the sheriff and if possible to retake him and return him to jail. "The within Cornelius Bogard was pursued but was not overtaken before he crossed the Ohio River to the Indian country" Supoena states that Bogart escaped, " a warrant was obtained and he was pursued but has gone out of state" (Mon Co Court Records Zinn V II p 180)

24 Mar 1800
Cornelius Bogard late of Randolph County to John Lamberton, land Laurel Fork, branch of Tygart Valley River, both sides of road from Cheat River to Valley River Randolph Co Deed Bk 3 pg. 329) (NOTE: bought and sold same day, only grantor deed that does not show wife Sarah)

May 1801
In Young vs Wamsley/Bogard dismissed by order of the plaintiff, judgement for costs in behalf of defendant.

Mary Ann Bogard, daughter of Cornelius still in Randolph County married G. Oliver

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