COLLECTOR IN 1802, by Warren Skidmore


This list appears to be in the hand of Robert Maxwell, and has been rearranged by the date the tax was collected to show presumptive neighbors. On May 28th, for example, the collector appears to have been on the Holly River in what is now Braxton County. The men listed as Exempted were probably all aged or infirm and excused from paying the tax by the court. Constables and a few other officers are noted as they were also exempt.


March 10th

Abraham Skidmore

Adam Hechert

Abraham Wells

Charles Cunningham

David McIntire

George Yeager

Henry Countz

Henry Phillips

Henry Isner

Henry Pain

John Wilson

James Holder

John Stutler

Joseph Yeager

Isaac Phillips

Jacob Teter

James Booth

John Barnhouse

& sons George and John

John Hill

Jacob Springstone

Joseph Phillips

John Phillips

Paul Degarmo

Philip Countz

Phineas Wells

Robert Maxwell

Samuel Ball

Simon Harris

Thomas Skidmore

William Phillips

William Wilson

William Smith

William Wright



March 11th

Anthony Smith

Barney McCall, Exempted by


Carey Hedley

John Walker

James England

Moses Wilson

Samuel Kelley

Samuel Pierce

William Arters

William Donoho


March 13th

Daniel Freestone

George Smith

John Thompson

John Reeder

William Anglin


March 15th

Anthony Huff

& son William

Archibald Blue

Aron Holbert

& sons Robert and Aron, Jr

Benjamin Vannoy

Benjamin Phillips

George Rennix

Gilbert Boyls, Constable

John Ryon

Jacob Nester

Joseph Joseph

& son John

Luke Bryan

& son James

Leavy Hopkins

Nester Hardin

Samuel McHenry, Exempted by Court

William Dilworth

William Stalnaker

William Westfall

William McCorkle

William Smith

Zerah Osbom



March 16th

Francis Johnson

Garret Johnson

James Hunt

Mary Lochry, widow

    & son William

Robert Johnson

Samuel Bonnifield

William Howel


March 17th

Benjamin Marsh

David Minear

George Parsons

Henry Hardman

Hiram Goff

James Parsons

Joseph Hardman

John Baker

John Sanders

Isaac Parsons

James Riddle Jr

John Miller

Martin Miller

Philip Barnhouse

Thomas Branham

Thomas Cade, Exempted

William Parsons

William Reese

William Haverly

William James


March 18th

George Wilds Sr

George Wilds Jr

Jacob Waggoner

Jonas Waggoner

Paulcer Culp

Thomas Burns

Thomas Rinehart

William Haddix

    & son William Jr William Wills


March 19th

Leavy Cubberly

[only name this date]


March 20th

Aron Vanscoy Jr

Aron Vanscoy Sr

Daniel McLane

Daniel Scoonover [sic]

George Teatrick

Henry Shoonover [sic]

James Forguson

Isaac Newel

John Bo--- [?]

Josiah Camfield

Nicholas Wilmoth

Thomas Wilmoth

William Hixon


March 23rd

Abraham Springston

Archibald Dunlap

Amos Carpenter

Benjamin Hornbeck

Edward Hart

John Lamberton

John Light

John Conick

Jonathan Daniel

John White

John Reder

John Haddam

Michael Yoakum

    & son William

Mathew Whitman

Richard Were

Samuel Bringham

Samuel Oliver

    & son Reuben

Thomas B. Gray

Thomas Williams

William McNeal

William Shaw

William Wamsley

William B. Wilson

Zachariah Westfall


March 24th

Adam See

John Hart

Isaac White

Valentine Stalnaker

& sons John and Isaac


March 25th

Charles Boyls

John Gibson

St Ledger Stout, Constable

William Brigs

William Stires


March 27th

Abraham Kittle

Andrew Couch

Samuel Butcher

Thomas Phillips

& sons Moses and Benjamin


March 28th

Andrew Crawford

Adam Obrian


March 29th

Nicholas Marstiller

Richard Kittle


March 30th

Jacob Helmack

& son Adam

Thomas Holder, Exempted


March 31st

Jacob Helmack

Jacob Kittle


April 2nd

Daniel Booth

Thomas Wilmouth


April 3rd

Aron McHenry

Abraham Kittle Jr

Christopher Lamberton

George Stalnaker

Jacob White

John Pugh

Jonah Hinkle

Joel Westfall

Jacob Weese Jr

Nicholas Gibson

Solomon Ryan

Thomas Isener

Thomas Phillips Jr

William Daniels

William Kelley


April 6th

Bennet Hodskins

Barton Hodskins

Hezekiah Rosecronce

    & Joel (?) Westfall

John Kittle

John Triplit, Constable

Richard Hodskins


April 7th

Henry Mundy

James Graham

John Hartley

Thomas Summerfield

Ebenezer Flanagan


April 8th

David White

Henry Fanceler


April 9th

Joseph Summerfield


April 12th

Jacob Weese Sr

& sons George and Daniel

Ralph Hodskins


April 17th

Edward Johnson

Elizabeth Bell

& son John

Elizabeth Saylor

    & son Samuel

Isaac Springston


April 23rd

Boston Stalnaker

Edward Hart

Joseph Channel


April 24th

Charles Mertenah

Elijah Rollins


April 26th

Henry Mase

Joel Sprowl

Matthew Wamsley


April 27th

Peter Buckey


April 28th

Christian Bickle

Daniel Kittle

George Kittle

George Long

George Bickle

John Currence

Jonathan Smith

Jacob Slagle

Joseph Long, Constable

Jacob Word

Isaac Booth

James McLane

& son Abner

Samuel Currence

William Casto

William Currence


April 30th

William Clark


April 31st

Daniel Clark

David Word


May 22nd

Henry Vanbigle

Jonathan Buffington

Mark Grimes


May 24th

Henry Jackson

James Wamsley

& son Samuel

Jesse Slouter [Slowter]

Richard Reder


May 25th

John Wilmoth



May 27th

Francis Riffle

George Wilson

Henry Harper

Jonathan Hutton

John Cunningham

John Wood

Jeremiah Channel

John Clark

John Crouch

Jacob Riffle

Michael See

Peter Conrod

Robert Faris


May 28th

George Bickle

Henry Depue

Jeremiah Carpenter

Jacob Bickle

James Schoolcraft

Isaac Mace

& sons Henry and Jeremiah

John Harrison

Leven Nichols

Leonard Bickle

William Harris


May 29th

Henry Peatro

Jacob Stalnaker

Mary Scoot, widow

Robert Clark


May 31st

Andrew Skidmore

& sons James and Andrew

Andrew Stalnaker

George Riffle

Jacob Riffle Sr

James Mitchel

John Chenowith, Commissioner

    & sons Robert and William

Jacob Coykendall

Leonard Hire

Michael Neal



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