One of the most vital and active of the historical/genealogical societies in the Allegheny Region is the Upshur County Historical Society, PO Box 2082, Buckhannon, WV, 26201. This group offers a variety of publications and services and it is most important to anyone interested in the history or genealogy of the Buckhannon River Valley or Upshur County.

The group operates a museum and bookstore called The History Center which is open this year from 1 - 4 PM Sundays during May 25 - September 28. This year's theme is the Civil War in Upshur County. Copies of the Society's publications are available for purchase on site and handout literature is available free on various historical societies and events.

In addition to The History Center the group also operates an archive called the Repository at the public library in Tennerton, south of Buckhannon. This archive is open to the public from 6 - 8 PM on Tuesdays. It houses numerous materials on Upshur County including but not limited to files on various families, historical file on Upshur County, clippings, an extensive collection of area photographs and copies are available. Staff members are available to assist patrons.

The Upshur County Historical Society is a combined society created by a merger with the Upshur County Genealogical Society. They publish a number of materials and these are available for sale. One of the most important is All About Upshur County by Noel W. Tenney, a sort of index to published and unpublished materials about Upshur County that is helpful in finding out where materials about a given subject are found. In addition other publications available include but are not limited to the Census of Upshur County 1860, Calendar of Wills in West Virginia, NO 49, Upshur County, Historic Upshur County, several books of cemetery readings, church histories, and more.

Membership in the group is $15.00 per year and includes a copy of the "occasional newsletter" which provides much of interest about the group activities and projects. Queries are not accepted for the newsletter but a booklet listing members and the families they are researching is available and is updated periodically.

Persons interested in the history or genealogy of Upshur and surrounding counties are encouraged to contact the Upshur County Historical Society at the above address. The history and genealogy of Upshur County is certainly in good hands.

The Allegheny Regional Family History Society
Post Office Box 1804
Elkins, West Virginia, 26241

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