April 1728 Margaret Simone, daughter of Jacob Simone from France married Johann Michael Brecht at Heidelberg Tp, now Lebanon (then Chester) Co Pa. This Margaret died 1778 then Lancaster, now Lebanon Pa (NOTE: This is about ten miles from Tulpehocken and this is probably the same family as the Susanna Simon who married Leonard Grau see below Nov 1750 Could this be the Jacob Simon who sponsored the baptism of Jacob Weiss at Modden Creek in 1733?)

28 Oct 1730 Leonard Graue & Susanna Simon, "more consueto" married at Muddy Creek Church, E. Cocalico Tp., Lancaster County PA (From Rec of Muddy Creek Chruch By Hinke & Wiser)

1738 Peter Pontius widow and Nickel Simon of Pfeffelbach both leave for America (Emigration document Speyer Archives)

9 Sep 1738 Ship "Glasgow" arrived at Philadelphia. Nickel Simon, age 31 on board, also Johannes Pontius; Adam Albert and Conrad Rebman from Ulmet; Nicolas Kleh, Theobald Kleh, Daniel Schneider, Nicklas Fischer of Rehweiler; Johannes Jost, Johannes Kuntz from Manbachel; Daniel Staudt of Essweiler; Johannes Jacob Seibert from Wolfersweiler and Henry Lawrence; Philip Jacobs; Adam Stein and Philip Gebhart also on board (Rupp, Kellog) (NOTES: All of these except Seibert, Lawrence, Jacobs, Stein, and Gebhart were in the same emigration document with Nickel Simon Daniel Schneider later at Tulpehocken Pa involved with Jacob Seibert. Ref: Stoever; Stein and Jacobs later at Swatara. Ref: Stoever; Nickel Simon age 31 of Pfeffelbach is clearly the Nickel Simon born 1707 son of Jacob Simon and Agnes Braun of Pfeffelbach)

9 Nov 1738 ship " " arrived at Philadelphia. Jacob Simon, age 27 aboard

April 1741 Jacob and Agnes Simon of Pfeffelbach both died (ref German church records)

1741 Jacob Simon and Hans Adam Sontag of Pfeffelbach leave for America (Emigration document Speyer Archives) (NOTE: It is thought that this Jacob Simon was the Jacob Simon born 1710 son of Jacob Simon and Agnes Braun at Pfeffelbach)

12 Oct 1741 ship "Friendship" arrived Philadelphia. Jacob Simon, age 21 aboard (NOTE: It is thought that this is the Simon above who came from Pfeffelbach in the Speyer Archives document but if so the age in the ship list is off by ten years.)

1744 merchant accounts of Christian Lauer on Tulpehocken include Jacob Simon, Christian Schmidt, George See (as "Zeh"), Mathias Theiss, Jacob Seibert, George Adam Bush, Henry Bickel, and Peter Dorn (shown as "in Virginia") (PA Historical Society Potts Manuscript Vol 9 given in Kellog) (NOTE: This will document Jacob Simon and Christian Schmidt as neighbors of families who later came to the South Branch)

1740's "Glasgow" passenger Daniel Schneider at Tulpehocken with Jacob Seibert. Schneider from Rehweiler with Simon. Nicholas Mueller sponsor baptism of Johan Adam Sontag child at Tulpehocken, both of these men being from Pfeffelbach. 1747 Peter Hoffman and Johannes Pontius sponsor each others children at Swatara and Tulpehocken. (NOTE: These items should be sufficient to document and prove a migration from the town of Pfeffelbach and vicinity via the "Glasgow" into the Tulpehocken and Swatara region)

2 Feb 1746 Philip Simon son of Nicholas married Anna Gertrude Schneider "from across the Susquehana" (PA German Marriages by Donna Irish pg 204) (NOTE: This shows possibly another Nicholas Simon in PA. Michael Tepper's "Immigrants to the Middle Colonies" lists among Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in 1709 one Philip Simon with a wife and no children and Nicol Simon age 14 single. Both shown as Reformed. This is likely the same family)

4 Sep 1746 St Michael's and Zion church Philadelphia Jacob Simon a "soldier from Palse Hock" married Catherine Schmidt, daughter of Christian Schmidt in Tulpehocken, married by license of Governor Thomas. Witnesses Christian Schmidt, Peter Schmidt, Sebastian Pasch, Jacob Bortner (NOTE: This does not have to mean that the wedding took place at the church)

26 Oct 1746 John Peter, child of John Nicolaus Simon of Atolhoe baptised. Sponsor John Peter Hoffman (Stoever's Record) (NOTE: "Atolhoe" refers to Northern Tulpehocken Tp., now Berks County, Pa)

3 May 1747 Christ "Tulopehocken" Luth Church, Stouchesburg, now Marion Tp, Berks County Pa, on Tulpehocken, Christian Simon baptised. Parents Jacob Simon and Catherine and the sponsor was Christian Schmidt.

1748 Consistory records of Trinity Reformed Church, now Jackson Tp, Lebanon County (just across Berks County line andin sight of Christ Stouchesburg Church) Tulpehocken shows among 48 names Johan Hedrich, G Huber, J Seubert, Christopher Stump, Jacob Simon (NOTE: if this is Jacob husband of Catherine why was he baptising children at Christ Church?) (NOTE: this Trinity Church is less than 1/4 mile from the Christ (Stouchesburg) Church above, and within sight of it. Kellog's TULPEHOCKEN NOTES will show that this Christ Church served as a meeting place for both the Evangelical and Reformed Congregations. (NOTE: This is the "Reformed" Church on the head of Tulpehocken on the 1723 Homesteads map)

5 Mar 1749 Host Reformed Church, now Tulpehocken Tp, Berks Co PA, on Tulpehocken John Simon baptised, son of N. Simon. The sponsor was John Reichel (NOTE: This Reichel was from Pfeffelbach and this documents N. Simon as an associate of a Pfeffelbach native)

25 Mar 1749 Christ "Tulpehocken" Lutheran Church Stouchesburg, now Marion Tp., Berks County PA, Johann George Simon baptised, parents Jacob and Catherine, sponsor Johan George Moser and Catherine Baseler (NOTE: This will place Jacob and Catherine as in near proximity to Nicholas and Margaret Simon below 3 Mar 1754 as well as Nicholas and Margaret 1750)

4 May 1749 Host Church Johann Nicholas Hoffman, son of Peter Hoffman baptised. The sponsor was Johann Nicholas Simon. (NOTE: This Hoffman as noted above sponsored a baptism for Johannes Pontius and Pontius for him. Hoffman also sponsored a baptism Oct 1746 for Nicholas Simon. This is a connection, although indirect, between Nicholas Simon of PA and the Pontius family who left Pfeffelbach with Nicholas Simon. This with the Reichel sponsorship of the Simon baptism Mar 1749 should be enough to show that the Nicholas Simon from Pfeffelbach was a resident of what is now western Berks Co PA)

August 1750 Sebastian Stein of Bethel Tp mortgage to Conrad Weiser of Heidelberg Tp 139 acres adjoining Nicolas Simon, Adam Fisher, Adam Suntag, Martin Shipe, John Sheffer on a Northeast Branch of Swatara (Lancaster Co Deed Book A pg 177) (NOTE: This gives us another connection with Sontag from Pfeffelbach, who left there with Jacob Simon)

August 1750 Martin Triester of Bethel Tp morgage to George Tollinger of Tulp. Tp 148 acres East Branch of Swatara adj Christopher Ulrich, Adam Daniel and Sebastian Stone, Michael Axah (Lancaster Co Deeed Book A page 170)

14 Nov 1750 Christ Luth Church, Johann Michael Simon Baptised. Son of Joh Michael Simon and Anna Margaret. The sponsor wasMichael Grau. (Note: Joseph Kellog apparently misread this as a son of John NICHOLAS Simon. It seemed unusual that Annette Burgert did not abstract it under Simon in her WESTERN PALATINATE, but PENNSYLVANIA BIRTHS shows the father as John MICHAEL, explaining why Burgert did not list it with Nicholas.

A Leonard Grau married Susanna Simon at Cocalico in 1730. Could this be a relative and the namesake of Leonard Simon? Cocalico is in present northern Lancaster County about ten miles southeast of Tulpehocken)

Dec 1750 Trinity Reformed Church, Anna Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Simon baptised. The sponsor was Thomas Koppenheimer. (NOTE: Here is this Jacob at Trinity again as above 1748. Could this be another Jacob, perhaps the one who sponsored the Jacob Weiss baptism at Modden Creek in 1733? Doubtfully. Weiss sponsorship ref Dern and Tracey's "Pioneers of Old Monocacy")

7 Oct 1751 ship " " a Leonard Simon arrive Philadelphia

22 Nov 1751 Elizabetha Catarina Simon sponsor baptism of Frederich Troester child at Swatara. (NOTE: This is probably the Eliz Cath who was born January 1731 at Pfeffelbach Germany to Nicholas and Maria Margaret Simon, and tends to further strengthen the connection between Pfeffelbach and Pennsylvania.)

1753 first Virginia Simon record, Leonard and Nicholas Simon enter land in Augusta County near Henry Hawes. (NOTE: Who is this Leonard and could he have been named for Leonard Grau?)

3 Mar 1754 Trinity "Tulpehocken" Lutheran Church, Stouchesburg, now Marion Tp., Berks County, Johann Michael Simon Baptised, parents Nicholas and Maria Margaret. Sponsor was Michael Spengler (NOTE: Annete Kunselman Burgert in her "Western Palatinate" says that this church is Jackson Tp, Lebanon County Pa, showing it to be the "Reformed" Church on the head of Tulpehocken in the 1723 Homesteads map)

?possible listing? 25 Oct 1755 John Simmons claim for guarding arms Augusta County

1761 South Fork Leonard Simon renting farm from Henry Horse (NOTE: This is the next definite listing in Virginia after the 1753 entry above)

1762 Nicholas Simon patent 145 acres South Fork (Augusta Deed Bk 21 pg 210)

17 Aug 1774 St. John (Swatara) Reformed Church, Jonestown, Lebanon County, PA George and Catherine Hederich son John Adam baptised, sponsors Nicholas and Maria Margaret Simon (NOTE: This proves that the Nicholas from Pfeffelbach stayed in Pennsylvania and is NOT the one in Pendleton County, WV. A connection in Germany is documentable between the family of Pfeffelbach Nicholas and the Hederich family there, and the wife in Germany of Pfeffelbach Nicholas is MARIA Margaret)

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