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Note to researchers: Please use the following information as a guide to researching your family and consider on-line genealogies as reference only. A well researched family history should include supporting documentation.

With the explosion in popularity of genealogy on the Internet, it is too easy to place fabricated information, even unintentionally, on-line, which if repeated often enough appears to be fact. Many researchers will incorporate such information into and perpetuate it as their family history. The real fun and challenge of genealogy is in proving it.

The following gedcoms are provided to assist in making connections with other researchers. Typically, these are "leads" databases and are yet to be proven. Feel free to contact the contributor to challenge accuracy, provide corrections, or exchange information.


The John Triplett Family

The Weese Family

Descendants of Moses Hays The Currence Family

The Bradshaw Family of Pocohantas County

Rosencrance, Tacy, Purkey, and Walden Families

Florey Surnames

The Wamsley Family

The Snyder Family

The Friel Family

The Hogsett Family

The Kelly Family

The Yeager Family

The Barlow Family

The Shobe Family

Wiford, Weyford, Weighford, and Weiffer Surnames of Kenneth Weiford

Surnames of Dale Walter

The Wood Family

The Adkins Family

Family Chart of Mike Holland

Surnames of Ruth Markley

NEAL Corrections and Additions to Ruth Markley's gedcom

Surnames of Richard Phares

Surnames of Charles R. Weese - Part One
Surnames of Charles R. Weese - Part Two

Crickard Gedcom File in HTML Format

Surnames of Amber Rae Hickman Genealogy

Surnames of Bogaard Holland Ancestory

Surnames of Rhett Ferguson Genealogy

Surnames of Robert C. Daniel Genealogy

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