Pictures of our Allegheny Ancestors


Have you seen this woman?
Debbie Johnson is looking for her!.

Have you seen this man?
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Recently my Aunt Judy sent me a collection of old photographs she had and included were pictures of many people who are unknown to our family. She said that my great grandfather would purchase these old photographs at auctions.

The photographs were taken by a professional photographer, perhaps for the graduating class of the college or high school in Fairmont, West Virginia. We are investigating this mystery further. On the backs of the photographs are a number (perhaps frame number), a size, and a surname. There is a purple "C" inside a circle, stamped on each, perhaps a trademark of some sort. Each has "Fairmont SN" and a three digit number written on the back. Following is a list of some of the surnames. Perhaps you can identify an ancestor?

I'll be happy to scan these photos and put them on-line for viewing.

Unknown Giffen
Unknown Evans
Unknown Quick
Unknown Fisher
Unknown Hunt
Unknown M. Fleming
Unknown Conway
Unknown Monroe
Unknown Gangham (sp?)
Unknown E. Stevens
Unknown C. Mathews
Unknown Spring
Unknown G. T. Fedirer(sp?)
Unknown Douglas
Unknown Fultz
Unknown Patterson
Unknown Fortney Male
Unknown Z. Fortney Female
Unknown Barrett
Unknown Summers
Unknown C. Hughes
Unknown Shain

Picture of Work Crew with some Sincels
Unknown Sincels

Grandmother Poling's (nee: LANTZ) House in Fairmont.
George Washington Williams Rebecca Jane Shay Williams

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