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Welcome!    This page is a resource for any student wishing to learn about the process of legislating, and is specifically meant to help out with those of you at Del Norte who are doing work with Youth and Government. 
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A couple of items that people have been wondering about:

If you haven't attended a parliamentary procedure practice session, fear not.   We will have sessions after the Winter Break, so that people can practice debating their bills.    By participating in that, you will meet the requirements of attending one practice session.

On Thursday, November 16th, we had a bill-writing session.    We talked about writing bills, sources for bill ideas, and using the Del Norte template.    If you have Microsoft Word at home, you can start your bill there.   If you do not, you can format your own bill, or work on a bill at school.    We would like you to have your bill idea, and a rough-draft of your bill done BEFORE WINTER BREAK.    That way, we can have good practice debates in January, Feb, and March.

Check the calendar for the next bill-writing workshop.   Attending at least one bill-writing workshop is MANDATORY.

Here are some photos, from last year's PreLeg event.

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