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Why EMusic (used to) get it (and Apple didn't)

UPDATE 2003-10-09: EMusic has radically changed their terms of service. This version reflects my thoughts on the service before this change and should not be viewed as an endorsement or recommendation of their current offerings.
UPDATE 2003-05-01: EMusic just switched to requring the download manager. I've updated the text to reflect this.

There has been an enormous amount of press related to Apple's new Music Store online music service. Most of it has focused on the major labels that have signed up or, in the case of the Wall Street Journal, the claim that Apple doesn't treat its users like criminals. I actually think that EMusic does a better job of treating its users like honest folks and provides a better service overall. Here's why:

What could they do better?

I'm employed by neither EMusic nor Apple. I am a happy customer of EMusic, with over 50 albums downloaded so far. If you sign up for EMusic, use this link and get me credit on my EMusic account: Download, Play, Burn Music. If you don't want to get me any benefits, you can use this link: No affiliate link.

So, those are my thoughts. Let me know your's:
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