Which to choose?

The topic of which wireless carrier is best has been discussed to death on comp.sys.palmtops.pilot. Enough that I feel compelled to offer my opinions on the matter. As a disclosure of possible bias, I am a reasonable pleased Minstrel user who subscribes with Go.America for CDPD service.

One of the longer threads on the subject may be retrieved from DejaNews. Also worth examining would be a search on (ricochet or cdpd or "palm vii" or minstrel") and wireless.

Technical background

The Minstrel is a CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) device that uses the CDPD network piggybacked on the AMPS cell phone sites. The Palm VII is a Mobitex device that uses the two-way pager networks in most cities. I do not know how the Ricochet devices are networked.

What else to say?


I feel that CDPD is the better choice for my use for these reasons:

Please feel free to contact me hudson@swcp.com if you have any comments on this document. I would like more information on Ricochet and users of the Palm VII.


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