Kim Sefcik


Fans on Internet want Second Chance

FOX shocked and dismayed television viewers all over the nation after announcing its decision to cancel the television series "Strange Luck," which had seemed a strong contender for renewal into the fall FOX lineup.

"Strange Luck," which had its first season finale on February 23, stars D.B. Sweeney as a photojournalist with, as the title suggests, strange luck. While modest in ratings, "Strange Luck" has been highly praised by critics and recieved a Qualified Endorsement by the Viewers for Quality Television, (VTQ) a nonprofit organization formed to champion the cause of quality commericial television.

"Officially on hiatus and facing long odds for renewal, the show starring DB Sweeney as a freelance photographer with an unnatural ability to be where odd things- good and bad - - were happening. Even vs. weak competition, it never drew much of an audience. Nevertheless, its quirky tone, peculiar stories, intriguing characters and solid acting made it a worthy spot on the Friday schedule," said Eric Mink, TV critic of the NY Daily News, on March 27.

The show has developed a devoted following, known as Chancers on the Internet, who have been campaining FOX with handwritten letters and email urging them to renew the show for a second season. Following in the footsteps of other cancelled shows such as "Forever Knight" and "VR5," "Strange Luck" has a World Wide Web page at to provide information and updates on the show's status. FOX can be reached at Fox Broadcasting Corporation, ATTN: Vice President for Programing, P.O. Box 900 Beverly Hills, CA 90213. People writing to FOX are asked not to write "Strange Luck" anywhere on the envelope, so that letters will go directly to those in charge.

Strange Luck includes an experienced and talented cast of D.B. Sweeney (Chance Harper) portraying the show's protagonist, who is a photojounalist for a local newspaper and frequently finds himself in serious, funny, passionate and unpredicatible situations as a result of his luck. Co-starring are Frances Fisher (Angie) as Chance's friend and a waitress in the "Blue Plate Cafe," Chance's favorite hangout. Rounding out the cast are Pamela Gidley (Audrey Westin) as Chance's editor for the paper, and Cynthia Martells (Dr. Richter).