A Simplistic Image of the Current View of Cosmic Matter

Joel M Williams ©2012

The image below is a simplistic view of the cosmos as I envision the current status of black (dark) and white (visible) matter. The galaxies can be likened to streams of white paint (our visible matter) swirling in a pan of black paint (invisible matter) with the pans scattered (floating?) in a dimensionally undefined mass of black paint. Thus, the thinking that there is LOTs of dark matter.

Unlike the paint situation, I don’t see that the galaxies are being viewed as blending to form gray. It almost seems that the spiraling is due to a non-moving center of white paint being drawn out by the black as it interacts with the “pan’s” edge whose circumference is ever increasing. If on the other hand, the white is being drawn into the center, as commonly espoused, the ultimate would be a white dot in the middle of the black. In other words, the “black-hole” would contain no black! This seems rather strange and contrary to the “mixing” of our physical world. A bit counter to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, too.

Since galaxies collide, the "pans" are not simply moving in expanding (unbounded) black paint (pudding?). Lots of food for mental digestion as the funding of extraterrestrial studies (space probes, astronomy, etc) clearly indicate.

Image does not have galaxies tilted or rotating randomly as observed

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