My personal website has been up for several decades with the following header:

Do you believe everything you are taught? You should NOT!

But to operate in the academic, research and business worlds, you do need to know and practice the status quo! Failure to do so can be hazardous to your career and livelihood!

Lay and scientists should always be skeptical of what they are fed, but toeing-the-line IS the major driving force for almost everyone working for a living. Situations like the heavily government-funded, man-is-the-villain who is going to make our "climate-hotter-than-hell-if-we-do-not-kill-CO2-generation" and "peer-reviewing in journals" are good examples of this.

I retired 22 years ago, so I have not been so restrained. Thus, I have had quite a bit of freedom in taking non-doctrinal stances in whatever areas I have chosen to venture.

I have made a number of postings on Climate, Etc. These have been to emphasize the need to look at "naturally occurring events" that have occurred during the "past" (100Ks of years before mankind MIGHT have made an impact) and to make sure that, at the very least, all of the major factors are understood with high degrees of certainty about the magnitude of their impacts and natural timing of their occurrences, so this information is useful in predicting the future. This seems so trivial to me, as a scientist, before embarking on addressing any recent or near future (decade and century) impacts that mankind might have made or will be making. Rigorous modeling of the past, in my estimation, is needed to establish what IS "natural". To take a stance that the past is irrelevant to the future is ludicrous, but not beyond some decreeing that it does not matter! Unfortunately, the URGENCY to validate the dire warming preconception and its attendant catastrophies has not allowed the necessary effort to model all of the past 120K years of changes to a level that would allow validation of any impacts that mankind might have made over the past 200 years or will make in the next 100 years! Toeing-to-the-money-line has not allowed much deviation from the "driver" goal. Hopefully, after the dramatics of Paris are over, modelers will try to do what I have advocated above.

Copies of some of my Climate, Etc posting/references will remain in the General Science Journal,%20Williams (should the reader be interested) after the fuss about CAGW wanes. It is interesting to note that TV's HISTORY channel is beginning to pickup more and more on the likelihood that "mankind" "has" lived during the warmer parts of 120K periods before now, has had to go through relearning curves after the Earth has become less habitable (starting each time with primitive "tools"), and is destined to do so time and time again.

For those who have boarder interests in fundamental physics and chemistry matters beyond those related to "climate", my website (click to access it) is a skeptic's read; as such, you can imagine why many of the concepts presented therein are not acceptable to mainstream journals. If you think challenging CAGW is difficult, try countering some basic physics or chemistry concept!

I have now released my 2005 book, "Challenging Science", free to all; the 18Mb pdf file can be downloaded via my website or directly by clicking here

My 2nd book ("Rethinking the Atom") has only been in print since early 2015 and is available at Amazon (clicking here accesses it).

As you might imagine, I believe that educated retirees are the real source of "free-thinking" to generate alternative explanations, should they decide not to let their grey-matter go to waste, since they should no longer feel obligated to toe-the-line to the status quo.

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