The Irritating Text Markup Language (ITML)

The sign of things to come! Now with
Depressing, isn't it?

This page is now out of date. ITML has now been deprecated by the invention of DITML (Damned Irritating Text Markup Language) and XITML (eXtremely Irritating Text Markup Language).

There are many extensions to the basic HyperText Markup Language (HTML), including the The Mind Reading Markup Language (MRML) and The Real Aroma Text Markup Language (RATML). In response to recent trends on the web, I am proposing that we introduce a new extension of HTML, called the Irritating Text Markup Language (ITML). This will include the following extensions:

The origins of the ITML started with the addition of the <FONT>, <MARQUEE>, and <BLINK> extensions to standard HTML. We are just carrying it a little bit further in the same direction.

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