Kevin McCurley's Family Picture Gallery

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On the right is my great great great great great great grandfather: Julius Caesar McCurley, inventor of the Caesar cipher
The picture on the left is of my uncle, the ax murderer. The story I have been told is that he was seeing a married woman, and her husband confronted him while he was chopping wood with an axe. Evidently that was a bad plan ...

This picture is from our family album, and was taken inside a medium security prison in South Carolina (looking out, toward the fence). The woman with him is his mother (my grandmother).

A picture of my daughter in the oven. She was a lot younger then...and so was I. Then we got a picture of her in the trash can. You need a sense of humor to be my daughter.
After this I wanted to take a picture of her riding a tricycle on a freeway, but my wife refused.
A while later we took a picture of her in the trash compacter. The picture of my daughter below is a few years old, but she's still a cutie. Unfortunately she may have inherited my sense of humor.
ok - it's me On the left is a picture of me about seven thousand days ago. Just think, my wife married me when I looked something like this.
I used to live in New Mexico, and loved to go hiking in the mountains. Once we came across a cow that had a bad day, and of course I HAD to take a picture...

Later the secretary at work put up a bulletin board in the building with pictures of everyone's pets. I decided that we needed a picture of my pet cow, which I named Blanch.

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