"Takin' Control" Reviews

Underground Zine Scene #9

John R Ridge (July 1998)

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Nite Wolf-Takin Control  Rating: 8 This is some excellent hard rock from
New Mexico.  This trio shine on standout tracks Passion Dreamer, Takin
Control and Fantasy Girl.  If your looking for no bullshit, no
alternative, straight up rock and roll then look no further. [Email:
nitewolf@swcp.com or url:  http://www.swcp.com/~nitewolf

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Sandy Serge's Reviews  (November 1997)

Nite Wolf - Takin' Control (NW 2818424)
"AOR to the hilt with musical passages typical of the genre, you'll find striking comparisons to Ozzy Osborne on Nite Wolf's Takin' Control. Riveting guitar work by Dan Vash (who also doubles as lead vocalist) exudes from this three-piece combo. Most songs are well written, but I'd like to hear more emotion in Vash's vocal interpretations. No question whatsoever about the musicianship of bassist Mike Alberts and drummer Bill Weber. Both lend a triumphant support to Vash in his dual role. Best tracks on the CD are the title tune and Leadin' Me On (with guest artist Jon Stubben's back-up vocals). Intriguing CD cover art by Norm Bourassa. Check out Nite Wolf's web page at Nite Wolf or send them an email at nitewolf@swcp.com "

Aethyric Productions:

Nite Wolf "Takin' Control" (1996 Demo)
E-mail: nitewolf@swcp.com
Web Page: http://www.swcp.com/~nitewolf/
Reviewer: Gorgar (January 1997)

"Nite Wolf are a three piece Hard Rock band from New Mexico. The band consists of Dan Vash, guitar / vocals, Mike Alberts, Bass / backing vocals, and Bill Weber on drums. Takin' Control has 11 tracks all of which are good quality Hard Rock. "Passion Dreamer" and "Takin' Control" are my faves and they also do a version of "Blue Suede Shoes" that's nothing like the original, thank god! Anyway, if you want some straight ahead Hard Rock to listen to, then check out this band."


If you need information on Nite Wolf or their release - Takin' Control, you can contact nitewolf@swcp.com.