Hey, who are these guys?


Dan Vash - Guitar & Vocals          Mike Alberts - Bass          Bill Weber - Drums

Like most bands Nite Wolf was formed for fun twenty eight years ago.  Originally a four piece, Nite Wolf's current lineup consists of Dan Vash, Mike Alberts, and Bill Weber, forming one of New Mexico's most powerful, straightforward real rock bands. Nite Wolf's sound is a hybrid of many musical influences, most notably:  Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, ZZ Top, and Thin Lizzy.  This style has afforded us the opportunity to be billed with some of rocks best artists such as:  Blue Oyster Cult, Robin Trower, Pat Travers, Frank Marino, and Savoy Brown.

Nite Wolf's current release "TAKIN' CONTROL" was released in November 1996.  Rob Wagaman (District Media Buyer, BEST BUY) "Well produced - it rocks".  Kenn Rodriguez (Albuquerque Journal) "Takin' Control, is well-produced, well-recorded, and well done" " the band does some credible power trio work (a la '80s warhorse Triumph)".

Personal History

The microchip industry is the common link that has brought all the members of Nite Wolf together.  It should also be noted that we owe a great deal of thanks to all the people who make microchips with us everyday.  These are the people who form the backbone of our organization.  Here are some personal tidbits about Nite Wolf's members:

Dan Vash

Dan Vash - Singer, Song Writer, Guitarist, and Musical Director.  Born in Pennsylvania, raised in California.  Dan brings more than five hundred hours of studio experience along with three previous San Francisco Bay area releases.  Dan's earlier musical experiences has allowed him the opportunity to tour the western United States and Europe.  Dan Vash uses Gibson, Jackson/Charvel, Yamaha guitars, vintage Marshall 100 watt tube amps, and GHS strings.

Mike Alberts

Mike Alberts -Bass.  From Iowa, performed with several midwestern and New England area bands of varying styles.  After traveling the world, Mike brings the influences of everything from Blue Grass to Blues Rock, Southern and Hard Rock.  Mike Alberts uses Tobias, Fender, Kubicki, Taylor, and MTD Basses, Demeter tube pre amps, Mesa Boogie amps, Hartkey and Trace Elliot speakers, dbx compressors, D'Addario strings, Xotic pedals, Mogami and Canare cables.

Bill Weber

Bill Weber - Drums.  From Iowa and influenced by rock greats like: Keith Moon, John Bonham, and Carmine Appice.  Bill brings years of hard rock experience to Nite Wolf.  Bill has performed with several midwestern and San Francisco Bay area bands.  Bill Weber uses DW drums, Remo heads, and Zildjian cymbals.

The Crew

Rick Marchant - Sound Engineer, Ken Ferguson - Crew Chief, Bruce Kizer -  Tech.,  Norm Bourassa - Artist (including cover art on Takin" Control),  Brad Spalding - Graphic and Web design.

If you need information on Nite Wolf or their release - Takin' Control, you can contact nitewolf@swcp.com.