New Mexico Mountain Club

Technical Climbing

Climbing sequence
Even an ordinary hike can require a bit of
climbing. NMMC has specific outings for technical

The Technical Rock Climbing Section of the Club does climbs in and around Albuquerque throughout the year and conducts a climbing school each spring for potential new enthusiasts to the sport. After completing the school, many students continue climbing with the Club and eventually gain the skills to become Club climbing leaders.

See the ratings page for qualificatiion forms for the technical climbing ratings.

Our scheduled climbs can be found here. If you are a climb leader, you can sign up to lead a climb on this page.

The climbing club members are here. In addition to general club dues, new and returning Climbing club members pay an annual $20 equipment fee.

The current Technical Climbing Co-chairs are Craig Tenney (phone: 917-697-0123) and Paige Winans (phone: 505-697-0638).