Figure 8 on a bight
Figure 8 rewoven
Tying in to a harness
Bowline on a bight
Water knot
Clove hitch
Munter hitch
Mariner knot
Butterfly coil

Figure 8 on a bight

Figure 8 rewoven:

Tying in to a harness with a figure 8 rewoven knot:

Bowline: Note that the tail of the rope should come out on the inside of the loop; the knot is much weaker if this end finishes on the outside of the loop. The knot must be backed up by tying off the tail as in (c).

Bowline on a bight:

Grapevine (double fisherman's):

Water knot:

Clove Hitch
drawing of clove hitch

Munter Hitch
drawing of munter hitch

Mariner Knot
mariner knot

Butterfly coil: