to be Spam Free?

What are you doing here?


(Show me a personal homepage that isn't perpeutally under construction and I'll show you a dead-man's homepage.)

You've clearly taken a wrong turn on what the media has overhyped as the 'Information Superhighway". I'd suggest that you try to frob whatever button/command exists on your browser to take you back to the last page you visited.

If you want someplace more interesting to look around, you might like to visit The Dilbert Zone. Or, perhaps you'd like to look at todays Cool Site of the Day? If you're really lost, here're links to the Yahoo directory and Search.com index.

Still here?

There's really nothing worth looking at here. Honest. Maybe you were looking for data on Southwest CyberPort?

Persistent, aren't you?

Perhaps you're looking for reference documents? Well, I have a few links to various WWW and other net-related info pages.

Oh, very well...

What follows is a list of misc pages that I've found of mild interest. Deduce from it what you will about me...

Maybe if I point out some friends (who are considerably more interesting than lil' ol' me), you might get somewhere you'd find worthwhile...

Capt. Gym Z. Quirk
[Known in what passes for Real Life(tm) as Taki Kogoma] "I'll get a life when someone demonstrates it would be superior to what I have now."