Bubinga Triangle Vase

This vase is about 10 1/2" high by 8 1/2" in diameter, and has about 313 pieces. The body of the bowl is mahogany. The triangle pattern pieces are made from bubinga and walnut. The accent rings are bloodwood and wenge. This pattern was my first experiment using the disk sander to shape pattern pieces. I rough-cut triangles on the bandsaw, then used a guide block and a pushblock to achieve precise, clean angles on the pieces. I attached the bubinga piece to one walnut piece, then sanded that to make a clean face to attach a second piece of walnut to. In some cases, even knowing where the joint is, between the two pieces of walnut, you can barely see it.

This was the first vase piece I've made that I've been happy with the finished shape of. The base is obviously way too small for a functional piece, or a decorative piece in a high-traffic area, but is more esthetically pleasing than a larger base or foot would have been.