The Diamond Pattern

This bowl is 4 1/4" high by 7" in diameter. The base is maple. The diamond designs are maple, walnut, and padauk (white, brown, and orange) on Honduran mahogany. The plain panels between the two diamond designs are Phillipean mahogany. The vertical slats between the panels are walnut, and the upper and lower accent rings are purpleheart. There are a total of 57 pieces.

This bowl is somewhat unusual for me, in that the designs are not repeated on every panel. This was an attempt to get some more interesting designs into the smaller bowls without the cost getting completely out of control. While the idea is sound, it didn't quite work in this case, for two reasons. One is that I think the height to diameter ratio is too high for this style of bowl. The other is that I got a little carried away on the idea of saving material by making the segmented ring extremely thin on the initial glueup, with the result that I had no material to work with to make the shape interesting.