A Lutheran House Church

Faithful to the Scriptures
Preaching and Teaching the Law & the Gospel
& the whole Word of God for the salvation of souls.

Our fellowship comes from our love for one another in the Holy Spirit.

Worship with us at 9:30 AM Sundays

Come visit our family!

We have members inthe South Valley, north of Kirtland AFB, and Rio Rancho,
and we are currently meeting near Indiana and Gibson.

Since we meet at different places,
please call by ~8:30 am Sunday for the latest information.

For more information call:
Robin in Rio Rancho at (505) 892-9683 evenings & or weekends

    Serving the Albuquerque, NM area    

Affiliated with the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC)

(Smaller than ELCA, LCMS, and WELS put together!)

Visit the CLC Website