A Lutheran House Church

Faithful to the Scriptures
Preaching and Teaching the Law & the Gospel,
& the whole Word of God
for the salvation of souls.

Worship with us at approximately 10:30 AM Sundays

Come visit our family!

We have been meeting in the Albuquerque South Valley
(near Bridge, but at different homes).
So call Saturday or after 8:30-9:00 am Sunday for the latest information.

For more information call:
Robin in Rio Rancho at (505) 892-6934 evenings & weekends
or cell: (505) 917-8297

    Serving the Albuquerque, NM area    

Affiliated with the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC)

(Smaller than ELCA, LCMS, and WELS put together!)

Visit the CLC Website