essential Fortran 90 & 95

By Loren P. Meissner
Unicomp, 1997
ISBN 0-9640135-3-5

essential Fortran 90 & 95 is suitable for courses that teach either of the two Fortran subsets, F or Essential Lahey Fortran. It covers the set of common features, with an appendix that describes differences between the two subsets. Several hundred example program files are available in electronic form.

The most important recent happening in the Fortran world is the appearance of two subsets, F and essential Lahey Fortran. Either subset is an excellent vehicle for introductory Fortran programming instruction. They have the features that are needed for teaching computer science (including data structures, recursion, and dynamic storage) and for applied programming in science and engineering (including complex arithmetic and full array facilities). They enforce safety restrictions that remain optional in the full language, and they provide a way to learn the good parts of modern Fortran without the bad parts. They are also inexpensive (or free, in many cases). Yet the subsets are more than simple teaching tools: They can be used to create well organized, easily maintainable programs that are powerful and efficient.

This text is a complete presentation of F/ELF features and applications. Copious exercises demonstrate the usefulness of Fortran 90 in the fields of science, statistics, applied mathematics, and engineering. A special prologue provides an overview of F/ELF that gives first-time programmers a quick start in understanding modern Fortran syntax.

Features include: