Fortran Top 90

Ninety Key Features of Fortran 90

By Jeanne Adams, Walt Brainerd, Jeanne Martin, and Brian Smith
Published by Unicomp, 1994. 250 pages. $20.00

Fortran Top 90 is a reference work for the Fortran programmer. It contains a two-page summary of each of the 90 most important features of the Fortran 90 programming language. For most topics there is a brief summary of the feature and its use, some examples, related topics, related intrinsic functions, the main syntax rules related to the feature, and an itemization of the most important Things to Know about the feature.

Appendices contain the complete syntax rules of Fortran 90 and a description of all Fortran 90 intrinsic functions.

The table of contents and the Top 10 features of Fortran 90 have been extracted from the book and may be viewed here.

If you are a vendor of Fortran products and would like to distribute this handy reference work either in paper or electronic form, please contact The Fortran Company

Please also check out the F version of this book.