F Programming Language Resources

The manual Fortran Tools describes the use of all the facilities of the Fortran Tools. It is included in PDF format with all versions of the Fortran Tools.

Alberto Garcia has written an XML parser in F.

Bob Hancock has been using F as the language for his programming course at Orange Coast College in California. In this article, he explains why he likes F so much and gives some advice and comments about the F books that are available.

Harvey Gould, Professor and Chair of Physics at Clark University has a web site with a lot of information about F, including an F tutorial.

Lots of interesting information about F is to be found at this site

Alan Miller provides a quad precision module and many other useful routines written in F.

The 1998 March/April issue of Computers in Physics has an interesting article about using F as an introductory programming language, particularly for science students. It can be found at http://www.aip.org/cip. Click on the March/April cover and look for the product review on page 166.

An article about F was published in the 1997 September issue of the MacTech Magazine and is reproduced here.

A general article about F, its features, and the reasons for making certain design choices, was published in the 1997 October issue of the Linux Journal and is reproduced here.

David Epstein, one of the developers of the F programming languge, is frequently asked Why F?.

An article by Ralph Frisbie, Dick Hendrickson, and Mike Metcalf, The F Programming Language, is available for reading online, in the following formats: PostScript, US paper size; PostScript, A4 paper size; PDF, US paper size; PDF, A4 paper size.

The last paper issue of the Fortran Journal, the 1996 November/December issue devoted to the F programming language, is now available for reading on line.

Jeanne Adams, former Chair of J3, has wriiten an article about F for the NCAR online magazine.

Hugh Pumphrey at the University of Edinburgh has developed a shell script that will build make files for F programs.

Michael Metcalf, formerly of CERN, Switzerland, and an ex-member of X3J3 and WG5, is now an independent consultant based in Bonn, Germany. Over the years he has developed a highly successful Fortran 90 course that lasts for six 75-minute sessions. He has now adapted this course to F, and is happy to negotiate holding it anywhere in the world. It is based on the book The F programming language of which he is co-author (with John Reid). The course is suitable for graduates and faculty members, or equivalent, and is a useful way to ``kick-start'' an F activity at a given site. He can be contacted at michaelmetcalf@compuserve.com

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