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Tom Kuhn Custom Yo-Yos

Purgatory Mandala, Set of Four ... $125.00
Purgatory Mandala, Individual Yo-Yo ... $36.00
Purgatory 2 Mandala, Set of Four ... $135.00
Purgatory 2 Mandala, Individual Yo-Yo ... $38.00
Batik Mandala, $65
Batik Mandala Butterfly, $75
Batik No Jive 3, $175
Bayfield Mandala, $70
Bayfield Mandala Butterfly, $75
Nordik Mandala, $275
Bifrost Mandala, $275
Museum of Yo-Yo History Butterfly, $35
Pine River Valley Light, $40
Pine River Valley Dark, $40

Set of 4 Celtic Mandalas, $1650

( Reverse Batiks, No Ring Bayfields, and original Nordiks and Bifrosts )
Email for Availability

Playmaxx Proyo Yo-Yos

Rumble Bee, $275
Nuclear Bee, $150
X-Ray Bees, MIP, Assorted Colors, $60

More Items from Dave's Collection Coming Soon !!

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