From VIRGINIA ARGUS newspaper 23 NOV 1805


A letter from a gentleman in Clarksburg, Harrison county, dated the 11th inst. to his brother in this city, mentions on the preceding night that Abel Clements, living about a mile from that place; murdered his wife and eight children. This wretch was a man in easy circumstances and was supposed lived happy in his family; but was always thought to be a very narrow-hearted soul. He immediately made his escape with all his money; papers, &c.


Horrible Murder near Clarksburgh, Virginia.

Last night, ABEL CLEMMONS at his place of residence upon the lands of Colonel George Jackson with about half a mile of the town of Clarksburgh, under circumstances of the most unprecedented cruelty, murdered his wife far advanced in pregnancy and their eight small children, the eldest about 12 years old, by striking them on the head with an ax while the were asleep in three separate beds, lying in the same room. The would that he gave it is supposed produced instantaneous death, dispatching each one at a blow and every circumstance induces a belief that those last dispatched were unknowing to the catastrophe of the others. Clemmons had been preparing for some time, and fixed upon next Thursday, for his removal to the state of Ohio. A man named Neisly who purchased part of his crop, went early this morning to the house and was admitted by Clemmons, who was in great agitation and apparently in a state of insanity the family as Neisly supposed were asleep except a little girl, niece of Clemmons who stayed all night in the house but knew nothing that occurred. Neisly after conversing some time with Clemmons left the house unsuspicious of what had happened; a brother of Clemmons who lived some miles off and was going to remove him soon afterwards came to the house and found him in it. He enquired where the family were Clemmons said asleep he approached one of the beds to awake the oldest boy and discovered all the children in it were murdered! He accused his brother with the crime, and then ran and alarmed the neighbors before the assembled Clemmons had fled. Here was exhibited a scene the most shocking to relate the wife and an infant in her arms lay in one bed, four daughters in another tow boys and one girl in a third all murdered by the husband and the father and what is very remarkable, he always lived with them in a most affectionate manner, and they bore the character of honest and Industry. Clemmons had been for several weeks in a gloomy, melancholy mood, occasioned it was supposed by his great anxiety for the welfare of his numerous family. He is about thirty-three years old; 5 feet 7 inches high,, built strong, fair complexion, light hair and has lost some of his front teeth.

The friends of humanity are entreated to use due diligence to apprehend him and the printers throughout the U. States are requested to insert this advertisement in their papers a few times.

Signed John G. Jackson, George Jackson, William Tate, Elias Stillwell
Clarksburgh, Hirrison County,
Virginia, Nov. 11, 1805


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