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Occasionally, I read an article, or I attend a seminar, colloquium or conference talk, and a plot appears that strikes me for its intrinsic beauty. Take away the axes labels, ticmarks and legend, and the shape that remains is ready for a canvas. In my case, traditional leaded glass.


MiniBoone/LSND m2 vs mixing angle exclusion plot.

Window completed 15 February 2016, 32×106 cm.

Physics Today article, October 2010

  The hunt for the Higgs

The hunt for the Higgs boson, the last undiscovered particle in the Standard Model of particle physics, was the major goal of a decade of work at the Tevatron, at the time the highest-energy accelerator in the world, located at Fermilab, outside of Chicago. At the end of this period (2001-2011), the two experiments, named D0 and CDF, combined their data in a joint analysis. The plot shows the probability of the Higgs having a certain mass. The horizontal mass scale runs from 100 to 200 GeV/c^2. The line flanked by the green and yellow band shows what the experiments expected to see if the Higgs were not to exist. The actual observations are plotted in the fat line. There is a region around 125 GeV/c^2 where the data exceed this null hypothesis, but this was not significant enough to claim a discovery. The Tevatron shut down, and the torch was passed to the LHC in Europe. There, the Higgs was discovered in 2012, at a mass of 126 GeV/c^2, as indicated by the red globule. The 2013 Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to Peter Higgs and Francois Englert, who had predicted the existence of this particle 50 years earlier.

Tevatron 'Brazil plot' 2014 from here.
First seen in the CERN Courier.

a, b, c

Window completed 28 February 2016, 77×38 cm


Quarks and Gluons

Quarks make up protons and neutrons, which in turn form the nuclei of atoms. Quarks are bound together by gluons. In the simplest picture, a proton consists of two 'up' quarks and one 'down' quarks. However, in the quantum world, all kinds of particles can briefly pop into existence, including other quarks (strange, charm, bottom, top) and their anti-quarks anti-up, anti-down etc. These ephemeral particles form a background 'sea' of particles inside the proton. Each of these particles can carry a fraction (x) of the total momentum of the whole proton. The four plots, from left to right for gluons, and up, down, strang quarks, show the probability that this particle carries a certain momentum fraction of the proton, with almost none (0.001) on the left to all of it (1.0) on the right.

Source: Fragmentation functions from Sasha Bazilevsky wwnd 2015. Talk.
120x30cm, completed April 2016.

---------------- Still on the drawing board: ----------------
From the 2016 APS wall calendar, from Phys Rev D91, 07007 (2015)
From the Dark Interactions workshop,
talk by Tim M.P. Tait.
Annotated version
Floquet Time Crystals
Phys Rev Lett 117 090402

From here (PRL 125,141801, 30 sep 20):
neutrinoless double beta decay (1) source
CEvENS slide

Robert Cooper seminar Nov 2016.

reference: neutrino/wimp talk, slide 21
ICHEP 2012, Joao Guimaraes da Costa, Harvard.
Source, slide 82
Balance functions, Claude Pruneau wwnd 2015
ICHEP 2012, Joao Guimaraes da Costa, Harvard.
Source, slide 82
FVTX ROC status (should be made as fused panel, not leaded)
reference: bb
Brazil plot from WWND 2015 Dipali Sharma
Dark photons, wwnd 2015 Dipali Sharma
Density fluctuations Carsten Greiner WWND 2015
also see CKM fitter
Jinrui/Knopp original, from here.
Fragmentation functions (2) from Sasha Lebedev wwnd 2015
neutrinoless double beta decay source
solar neutrinos source
2015 Long-Range Plan, pg 55.
Pretty, but I'm not sure if this can be converted into a stained glass...
PRL article
082016 hydrogen phase diagram Science News, I.F. Silvera, Harvard.
PRL 117 061804
SEvENS slide 2
Spin helix symmetry

Source: Physical Review Letters 117, 236801 (Dec 2016) (pdf)
At the APS

from here
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source slide
source slide
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source slide brain
cosmic parameters

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