Traffic Calming Task Force

This task force was formed in the fall of 1998, with 2 members from each district appointed by the mayor, plus members from city staff (Planning and Traffic), plus representatives from the Police and Fire Departments. The first meeting was held 23 Feb 99. Since the, we have met every month. During this time, we studied traffic calming programs from many cities around the US and beyond, and formulated a traffic calming program tailored for Santa Fe. The last meeting was held on 29 August 2000. Since then, the program sailed past various committees, and was approved by City Council in October 2000. Money is available, so next comes the hiring of staff, so we can get through the first pile of applications.

The membership is/was as follows:

We have drafted a program, proposed a budget, and identified existing ordinances that we think should be modified.

stay tuned

Last update 16 April 2001 - HvH