Joseph C Chavez


I am employed at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico as a Principal Member of the Technical Staff. At Sandia, I have participated in the design of many embedded processor systems for both ground and space applications. In two projects I found particularly interesting, I helped design scientific instruments for both the ISEE-3 (ICE) and the Ulysses spacecraft:

Lately, I have been writing software to extract useful information from masses of satellite data, and also software tools to permit easy modeling and analysis of spacecraft performance.


I have a BSEE degree from the University of New Mexico , a MSEE degree from Stanford University, and a Masters degree in Computer Science from New Mexico Tech.

Home Projects

Osmond PCB is a flexible Macintosh application that allows anyone to easily design printed circuit boards. The code is substantially complete and is currently undergoing testing. For the adventurous, free trial versions are available for download. is a Python program that converts Gerber files (used to fabricate printed circuit boards) into a PDF document that can be viewed and printed with the freely available Acrobat viewer.

This link will take you to my son's web page where he gives help on video games.

Last Update: December 13, 2002