Personal Pronouns:
In Case You Didn't Know

Personal pronouns retain an ancient feature called "declension": The pronoun changes depending on its person, number, and case (its relationship to other words in the sentence).

Person First Person Second Person Third Person
Number Singular Plural Familiar Singular Plural Singular Plural Relative
Subject I we thou you you he, she, it they who
Object me us thee you you him, her, it them whom
Possessive* my, mine our, ours thy, thine your, yours your, yours his, hers, its their, theirs whose
Reflexive/ Intensive myself ourselves thyself yourself yourselves himself, herself, itself themselves  

*Note that possessive pronouns do not use apostrophes.

  • It's = "It is."
  • Its = Possessive of it, as in "every dog has its day."

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