Crosspad interfacing

Did you get a great deal on the Crosspad at Office Depot and now want to use it with your non-Windows box? Perl modules to interface with Linux.


The S/Key challenge response system. My code is based on the official distribution code, notably the 8k word list. Eventually I plan to submit a diff to the real S/Key folks at Bellcore. More info...

Update -- 8 Jan 1999: Now accepts challenges up to eight characters.

For the obvious reason of having a secure means of producing the responses to log into an S/Key secured site, of course!

It accepts a challenge, a squence and a password and generates (in a second or two) the long form of the S/Key response is produced. No more unsecure cards in your wallet with the next twenty passwords in clear text. No more trusting the local machine at a conference or that the serial line from the terminal is really secure. The password is not stored in the Pilot's memory (entered each time), either.

Next to do is to record the previous sequence and challenge to detect unauthorized logins if the sequence number is not as expected. Perhaps a few other prefs, but it doesn't take too long to write in the current challenge.

Full source is included! I'm looking for suggestions on improvements, so please give me some feedback.

If you are a SecurID user, you may be interested that Security Dynamics has released SecurID software for the Pilot. Now you only need one hardware token for both of your networks.

Minstrel hacking

I've hacked my Minstrel from Novatel Wireless to be used with a standard RS-232 serial port. Details and pinouts. In response to a flurry of newsgroup postings on the Palm VII, I have written my thoughts on the wireless issues. Responses are welcome.

IP Masquerading and the Palm Pilot

Just like always, someone else has done a better job of describing how to do this. Check out Matt Welsh's Pilot PPP Info. My write up is still available, although Matt's is much more detailed.

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