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Welcome to the Internet Music Wantlists! By adding your personal music wantlist to the Wantlists, you make it part of the largest music wantlist on the Internet, where thousands of collectors and retailers can see it every day. The Wantlists list hundreds (soon to be thousands) of records, CDs, and music videos that people on the Internet are looking for. If you have -- or can get -- an item in the Wantlists, please contact the user seeking that item.

For each item you add to the Wantlists, you need to specify the artist name, the release title, the format you're looking for, and the amount you're willing to pay for a copy of the item in collectable condition. Please read the wantlist rules file for a more detailed description of how to submit items.

Except for the lists of CDs, vinyl, music videos, and recent adds and changes to the wantlists that are available through this page, all interaction with the Wantlists takes place through the wantlist mailserver at This server accepts commands that let you add items to the database, get lists of the bids you have in the Wantlist, change or delete bids you have already submitted, and retrieve more specific subsets of the database than are available on this page. Please read the mailserver help file for more details on the commands it supports.

There is no charge for the use of the Wantlists. In exchange for this service, I ask that people only use the Wantlists to track down releases that are out-of-print or which can't be ordered through their local shops. Please don't submit $10 bids for CDs that came out last week just in hopes of finding a cheap used copy!

I hope you find the Wantlists useful.

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